Seven Seas Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the license for Training Mister Sakurada manga by Kaya Azuma. This Mature-rated boys’ love rom-com about a businessman and his new coworker takes “corporate power play” to a whole new level.

Sakurada Hajime is thirsty—for a girlfriend and a good time. He can’t get enough of women, even though they’ve been steadily losing interest in him since the playboy days of his twenties. The new junior in his department, Mibu Seiichiro, is hogging all the babes and the promotions, and worse, he’s such a great guy, Sakurada can’t even begrudge the man’s success. But when Sakurada awakens in a love hotel, all tied up, it’s Mibu who strolls through the door. He’s got a shocking revelation and plans to ruin Sakurada’s whole week with a marathon of kink play and revenge. What’s Sakurada to do, especially once he notices he’s beginning to enjoy it?

Training Mister Sakurada will be released for the first time in North America in November 2023 for $15.99 USA / $19.99 CAN, with the book available in a single large-trim edition as part of the Seven Seas BL label (boys’ love titles). An ebook edition will also be available on digital platforms.

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment