The episode opens with Inspector Megure approaching a crime scene and asking why Kogoro and Conan are there. Conan replies that they couldn’t help it this time, because they’re the ones who found the body. They see that the victim had written a dying message, but the way it’s written, it could be seen several different ways due to the fact that it resembles several characters. Thanks to the ID that they found on the body, they can identify the victim and where he lived. Conan also encounters an older woman who is at the crime scene, and she comments that the victim had visited her recently but she didn’t know who he was.

While talking to the manager of the apartments that the victim lived in, Conan and the others learn the victim was behind on their rent. It’s also revealed that the victim didn’t work and just spent all his time hanging out at a nearby park. The manager recalls a conversation with the victim the previous day, and the victim saying that he’d be paying all of his back rent the next day. He also recalls an interaction with the victim where the victim was interested by an article about a CEO in a magazine that the manager was reading. Conan and the others guess that the victim was blackmailing the CEO, and that this was likely the motive for his murder.

When they go to question the CEO, he claims to not know the victim and that no one can confirm his alibi. However, the way he responds to the questions and the occasional laughing he does, it makes Conan and the others suspect something is up with him. But they need to find proof that supports their suspicion.

It seems they get a break in the case when they question the woman Conan talked to at the crime scene. She’s an apartment complex manager, and she says the victim had come to ask her questions about a now former tenant of her complex. Apparently, the former tenant left suddenly and didn’t provide her with a new address. Due to a recent accident near the apartment, she has a video of an interview she did, and the former tenant appears in the background. When Conan and the others see the former tenant, they’re surprised to discover how much he resembles the CEO they interviewed for this case. After this revelation, they formulate a theory as to what happened, and start pursuing the case from that angle.

Not surprisingly, there’s a twist about this case that comes out as the truth is revealed. For me, it wasn’t as strong of a twist as it could have been, because I guessed it. With the way this case is set up, I suspect a lot of viewers will pick up on the twist before it’s revealed. When all was said and done, this was just an OK single episode murder mystery. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t necessarily great, either.

I was surprised when the preview for the next episode came up, because it turns out there’s one more episode for the “Police Academy Arc: Wild Police Story CASE” arc. After the previous episode focused on the last of Zero’s friends, I assumed that the arc was over. It turns out that the title of the last episode of this arc has Zero’s name in it, and from the preview, it looks like it’ll be focusing on their graduation from the police academy. I’m looking forward to seeing this one, although if Crunchyroll pulls what they did with the previous two episodes of this arc, then next week’s episode will be airing later than usual. Hopefully Crunchyroll will prove me wrong on this, though.

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