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The official Twitter accounts for the Manga Planet and futekiya manga subscription services have announced that the companies will combine their libraries into a single service under the Manga Planet brand in Spring 2023. The company will launch an Android and iOS application for the new combined service in Summer 2023.

The combined Manga Planet library will offer new purchase options aside from its flat-rate subscription where customers can purchase or rent individual chapters or volumes of digital manga titles from its library, depending on availability.

The company will also expand its points feature to one where customers can purchase points that can be redeemed in exchange for buying or renting digital titles.

The company will transfer the accounts of subscribers of either service to a combined Manga Planet subscription where they will be able to access the library of both services for a single subscription fee. It will offer refunds for non-transferrable subscriptions and to subscribers who pay for both subscriptions. The service will also transfer subscribers’ reading history and favorited titles from both platforms.

The combined Manga Planet library will have a new categorization system comprising of the following categories:

  • Shojo/Jōsei
  • Shonen/Seinen
  • BL (futekiya)
  • GL/Yuri

Manga Planet launched in November 2019 and offers manga licensed from publishers and from independent artists.

The futekiya boys’ love manga subscription service launched in July 2019.

Source: ANN