After being attacked by the culprit, Kogoro is taken to the hospital. Fortunately, he just has a bump that will take a couple of weeks to heal. Since Kogoro is unconscious, Conan hides and uses the voice-changing bowtie to reassure Oi and the two Izumiyas that he still intends to go on with the case.

When Kogoro is released from the hospital, his stomach grumbles. Conan suggests going to the restaurant owned by Shinichi Fujii to get something to eat. When they try his dish, Conan comments that this dish doesn’t taste as good as the one the Izumiyas made for them back in the first part. Fujii admits that he’s not a good man, but that he would never stoop to stealing in order to win a contest.

They also stop by Satoru Daiehara’s restaurant in order to get the medical information he had offered to provide. Even though he doesn’t make the same dish as the Izumiyas, he does make something similar and shares it with them. When Satoru is asked why he’s not entering the upcoming contest, he says it’s because he doesn’t own a Japanese restaurant.

After they leave, Oi calls to inform them that Yasushi Kobayashi, one of the other suspects, is trying to flee because he no longer has an alibi. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan go to a nearby station and try to pursue him. Poor Kogoro gets hits in the head again when something goes flying out of Yasushi’s suitcase after he throws it. Ran and Conan chase after Yasushi in his stead. Yasushi loses Ran, but Conan finds him and tells him he doesn’t have to flee. Conan has figured out he was used by the real culprit both this time and the time Yasushi stole from the restaurant two years ago, but frames it as if Kogoro deduced this. Conan also tells Yasushi to stay and trust Kogoro.

Kogoro, Ran, Conan, and Oi make a stop at a nearby power spot, and Ran and Oi talk about the history associated with that location. With what is said, Conan finally figures out the final piece of the puzzle: how the culprit crossed the channel without being noticed at any bridges, ports, etc. After figuring this out, Conan comes up with an idea of how to expose the culprit. I thought this was a brilliant idea, and the finale before the ending credits really leads the audience to believe that while the culprit was caught, solving the mystery ended up being for naught. I was legitimately surprised to find out in the post-credits scene that what I thought had happened didn’t actually happen.

When it comes to who the culprit is, all I will say is that I always had a nagging suspicion regarding this particular suspect. While I didn’t have the answer as to how they crossed the channel, I felt pretty confident that they were the guilty party. I’m glad to see I had figured out who it was, even if I didn’t have the “how” figured out.

Overall, this wasn’t too bad of a mystery, especially for one that seems to be an anime-exclusive story. The preview for the next episode returns to a one-episode mystery, and it gives off an anime-exclusive vibe. After watching the preview, though, I don’t have any strong feelings either way before watching it next week. As long as it’s decent, I’ll be happy.

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