Seven Seas Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the license for the Chi: On the Movements of the Earth manga series by Uoto. Epic historical fiction meets scientific suspense in this award-winning tale that inspired an upcoming anime—available in English for the first time in oversized omnibus editions.

In the 15th century, claiming that the Earth revolves around the sun was a heresy that could get believers burned at the stake. Child prodigy Rafal is introduced to the truth about the universe by his mentor, and then must flee when the Inquisition comes to mete out “God’s justice.” With only a peculiar pendant to guide him, will Rafal discover his master’s research, and can he and other believers set the world alight?

Chi: On the Movements of the Earth (Omnibus) Volume 1-2 will be released for the first time in North America in November 2023 for $24.99 USA / $32.99 CAN, with the entire series available in four large-trim omnibuses.

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment