Crunchyroll has launched a new app for the Xbox, which includes updates to the home screen, video playback, watch history functionality, and more.

The basic features for the new Xbox app include:

  • Home Screen: Browse through new and continuously updated curated collections, as well as featured and popular shows on Crunchyroll
  • Video Playback: Built from scratch, and now you can change the subtitle language during video playback (or even turn them off entirely)
  • Watchlist: Manage your watchlist and get quick access to your favorite shows
  • Watch History: Review all of the episodes you’ve watched most recently
  • Browse Screen: Discover the Crunchyroll catalog by sorting based on popularity, recently added, alphabetical, or by genre
  • Search: Now you can search both by show names and episode names
  • App Language: The app now supports additional languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Russian and Arabic

Source: Crunchyroll