Seven Seas Entertainment has announced, through its Steamship imprint dedicated to sexy romance for women, the license acquisition of the I Can’t Refuse S manga series by Ai Hibiki—a sizzling tale about a young woman learning the erotic arts from a handsome butler.

Miku is in a bind: her father has taken on too much debt, subjecting her family to so much work and stress that now her mother has fallen ill. Miku is willing to do what it takes to help her family, so she offers to become a wealthy benefactor’s mistress to raise the cash they need. Unfortunately, that alone isn’t enough—the wealthy man has a preference for women who are experienced in bed, and Miku is anything but. That’s when the man’s butler, Kamishiro, steps in. The gorgeous but sharp-tongued Kamishiro is blunt: he says he’s been sent to train Miku in the sexual arts. Under his hot and heavy tutelage, can Miku become experienced enough to inflame the desire of any man… including her teacher?

I Can’t Refuse S Volume 1 will be released for the first time in North America in September 2023 for $14.99 USA / $18.99 CAN, with the series available in single large-trim editions as part of Seven Seas’ Steamship imprint.

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment