Toei Company Ltd. has announced that its president and CEO Osamu Tezuka (who is not related to the manga creator of the same name) passed away. He was 62 years old at the time of his passing.

Tezuka was born in March 1960. He joined Toei in April 1983, and was made a board member in June 2012. He became the company’s managing director in June 2016, and became president and CEO in June 2020.

Toei was founded in 1951, and oversees the Toei Animation studio and the T-Joy cinema chain. The company has several film and television production studios as well as post-production studios and the Zukun Laboratory that works on advanced digital visual content research.

Toei has also announced that managing director and chairman Noriyuki Tada has taken on the role of president alongside his current roles.

Source: ANN