From the animation studios Production I.G and Signal.MD comes the feature film adaption inspired by the internationally acclaimed DEEMO rhythm video game, which has over 28 million downloads worldwide. Distinguished filmmakers and animators have collaborated to bring the fantastical and touching tale of Deemo and Alice to life in the new anime feature DEEMO Memorial Keys. Featuring visually stunning animation by Production I.G and Signal.MD, DEEMO Memorial Keys is directed by Shūhei Matsushita as a general director. Yuki Kajiura, a prominent music composer and producer who has worked on the scores for multiple anime hits, created the film’s theme and image songs.

In Spring 2023, step inside the extraordinary, ethereal world of DEEMO and beguiled by the awe-inspiring anime movie adventure packed with whimsical characters, beautiful animation, and unforgettable music with gorgeous melodies when DEEMO Memorial Keys hits home entertainment shelves and digital download on March 28, 2023 from Eleven Arts and Shout! Factory, following its nationwide theatrical release.

Available for the first time in North America, the highly collectible DEEMO Memorial Keys Blu-ray+DVD combo pack boasts a spectacular movie presentation (featuring English audio, and Japanese audio with English subtitles) and special bonus content. The movie boasts an exciting English voice cast of Michelle Marie, Anairis Quiñones, Bryce Papenbrook, Mike Pollock, Luci Christian, and Stephanie Sheh. DEEMO Memorial Keys is available for pre-order now at and will be available in stores and other fine retailers.

DEEMO Memorial Keys | Movie Synopsis
Fall in love with the enchanting tale of Deemo, a mysterious, lonely character who lives in solitude, playing the piano in a castle. One day a girl who has lost her memory falls from the sky. Wanting to help her recover her memories and return to her world, Deemo discovers that a tree kept atop the piano will grow whenever the piano is played. But if Deemo succeeds in the helping her, will the loss of her companionship prove to be too much? This gentle, ephemeral story of love spun by Deemo, the girl, the mystical residents of the castle, and a tree that grows with the sound of the piano will make you want to return to this world again and again.

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Based on the Original Story “DEEMO” by Rayark Inc.
General Director: Junichi Fujisaku
Director: Shūhei Matsushita
Screenplay: Junichi Fujisaku, Bun-Ō Fujisawa
Character Design: Mebachi
Theme Song Creator: Yuki Kajiura
Theme Song Singer: Hinano Takashima “nocturne” (Pony Canyon)
Production: SIGNAL.MD & Production I.G
Produced by Pony Canyon