Kodansha USA Publishing has announced that the first 10 volumes of MF Ghost – the spiritual successor to the classic high-octane racing manga Initial D, also created by Shūichi Shigeno – are now available to purchase and read digitally across all participating digital manga vendors. This debut comes hot on the heels of the latest trailer of the MF Ghost anime series set to premiere later in 2023. With this wider debut, manga fans can read the MF Ghost manga ahead of the anime premiere by choosing from Amazon Kindle, BookWalker, Apple Books, Google Play, NOOK, Kobo or MyAnimeList. Kodansha USA Publishing also announced that more English-language volumes of MF Ghost will be released digitally in the coming months.

The fan-favorite racing manga MF Ghost takes place in the 2020’s, where self-driving electric cars have replaced internal combustion ones. However, in Japan, there is a large organization called MFG, founded by Ryosuke Takahashi (from the Initial D series), that conducts street races with internal combustion cars. There’s a new rookie on the scene, Kanata Livington who competes under the pseudonym Kanata Katagiri. Kanata has been trained by legendary racer Takumi Fujiwara (protagonist from the Initial D series) at the Royal Donington Racing School in the UK and is a Formula 4 world champion. He has only one motive: to find his long-lost father. But first he must take on a 19-year-old Japanese-British racer, who has shown up on the scene driving a Toyota 86 and is beating top-tier European cars. Curious manga enthusiasts can read the first chapter of the high-octane car racing drama on kodansha.us.

Originally released digitally through the comiXology Original line of exclusive content, MF Ghost digital volumes first debuted on comiXology and Kindle in January 2022, making this the first time MF Ghost was translated and available to read in English. First revealed in an anime visual teaser video in January 2022, MF Ghost will see its anime debut later in 2023.