The staff of Anime Expo has announced that illustrator Yoshitaka Amano will be a guest at its upcoming convention.

Amano is most well known for his contributions to Vampire Hunter D and the Final Fantasy series, as well as his collaboration with Neil Gaiman on Sandman: The Dream Hunters. He has been in the anime industry since he was 15, when he joined the veteran studio Tatsunoko Production, and has contributed to many anime and video game projects.

Gibiate Project, a global IP development group that includes Amano, developed the Gibiate series. The group announced the anime at Anime Expo 2019, and the series premiered in July 2020. Amano also recently drew the character designs for the Exception Netflix anime, which debuted in October 2022.

Anime Expo 2023 will be taking place in Los Angeles, California from July 1-4, 2023.

Source: ANN