Kodansha Comics is expressing its love for romance manga and manga fans by giving away free Volume Ones and 99¢ Volume Twos of classic and fan-favorite romance series, A Sign of Affection, A Condition Called Love, MARS, and Can You Just Die My Darling?, during Kodansha’s Box of Chocolates digital sale.

Not only that but but fans can also find some of Kodansha’s most popular romance series like the yakuza orphan drama, A Girl & Her Guard Dog; the tsundere prince love story, Defying Kurosaki-kun; the star-crossed super hero/villain rom-com, Love After World Domination; the domestic office romance, Mr. Bride, and much more, are now up to 50% off. Save on tons of doki doki digital manga that your heart (and wallet) will love.

Pick up some sweet digital manga savings with free Volume Ones, 99¢ Volume Twos and up to 50% off some of the best romance manga during Kodansha’s Box of Chocolates digital sale. To see all the discounted series being offered right now, visit one of the participating digital vendors: BookWalker, Google Play, Kobo, NOOK, MyAnimeList and more.

Sale ends on February 20, 2023.

Source: Kodansha Comics