The episode opens with a brief recap to remind the audience of what happened previously in the story. After the opening credits, we backtrack a little bit from where the previous episode ended, and we see Conan showing Kaito Kid the crime scene photos and explaining the circumstances behind each murder. Just as Conan is about to tell Kaito Kid who the murderer is, they are interrupted by someone from the television show crew saying it’s time to go on. This leads to the final scene we saw at the end of the previous episode, where Conan says they have no choice but to use an earpiece so Conan can feed him what he needs to say during the broadcast.

After the interviewer gets the questioning started, it’s quickly stated that the interviewer is the culprit for all three murders. Right after this, the broadcast is cut off, but after a couple of minutes, the higher ups at the station tell the crew to continue the broadcast. The locked door trick for all three murders is exposed and explained, and the interviewer admits to her crimes during the broadcast. Since it was established in the first case that the interviewer was friends with the victim and was the one who found the body, I was pretty sure she was the guilty party. However, I had no idea what her motive for the murders would be, though, so I at least had that as a surprise during this episode.

However, it seemed like it was still a little too early in the episode for everything to come to this easy of a close… and it turned out I was right. There’s a twist revealed regarding who was posing as Yusaku for the broadcast, and there was also another twist revealed about Yusaku and Yukiko and their “illness.” But the thing is, these twists weren’t here just to do something fun or wacky. These twists are quite important for the canon storyline going forward. One thing I did like about these twists is that it brought in some of the law enforcement characters that we don’t see as much of in the anime series. When these particular character appear, you know it has to be a canon storyline from the manga source material, because I can’t think of a filler episode off of the top of my head that includes them.

But speaking of filler episodes, it looks like next week’s returns us to an anime-original story. This one is going to feature the Detective Boys, but from the preview, it looks like it might potentially be one of the stronger episodes to feature them. We’ll see if I’m right about this or not next week.

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