Digital manga subscription service Azuki is adding six one shot manga stories by Chiharu Shinagawa and Yuzuki Momoi and published by SOZO Comics. The first story, The Western Magic Hall by Chiharu Shinagawa, is available right now in Azuki’s apps on iOS, Android, and web, and the remaining five will be released one at a time every Thursday for the next five weeks.

The one shots from Chiharu Shinagawa: The Western Magic Hall, a 35-page magical girl story that continues the story of the manga The Western Magic Hall: Ambiguity; Spear, a 33-page comedy manga about a high school boy who takes up spear fishing to impress a girl; and Zangi Onden, a 41-page historical action story about a righteous samurai who saves a starving village from greedy tax collectors.

The one shots from Yuzuki Momoi: Spring Storm, a 25-page story about a high school girl who is in love with her straight best friend; Lush, a 33-page story about fatherhood, sacrifice, patience, and fear; and The Sunset of Silver, a heartwarming 29-page story about an aging father coming to terms with his age and his relationship with his family.

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