Ascendent Animation has announced that it has licensed the AnimeFesta anime adaptation of Haruchika’s boys’ love manga Caressing the Nipples of My Hibernating Bear. The company is releasing the anime with the title Caressing My Hibernating Bear, and will produce an English dub in partnership with Japanese company WWWave Corporation.

Kevin Frane is directing the English dub. Steve Warky Nunez is in charge of audio engineering/mixing. P.M. Seymour is the assistant director, and K. Cornell Kellum is serving as executive producer. Reece Bridger is handling the talent sourcing from No Studio In Particular.

The story centers on a bear named Nowa who lives in the forest. Nowa found a puppy named Airi a few years ago, and is now raising him. When Nowa goes into hibernation for the winter, Airi is still but a pup. But when Nowa wakes up from his hibernation, he finds Airi has grown into an adult dog.

The “healing animal-eared boys-love anime” premiered on Japanese television in July 2022.

Source: ANN