Kadokawa’s Dra Dra Flat manga catalog on the Nico Nico Seiga website has published the final chapter of Renji Fukuhara’s The Invincible Shovel manga.

The story is described as:

Alan is no ordinary miner. He’s the greatest miner in the world, thanks to a shovel that can shoot lasers and level mountains. After scooping up a princess in distress, Alan finds himself drawn into a quest to save her kingdom. Dig out your common sense and delve into a land of shovels and sorcery, where a spade is not a spade, but an invincible shovel like no other.

The manga adapts Yasohachi Tsuchise and Yūki Hagure’s light novel series of the same name. Fukuhara launched The Invincible Shovel manga on Nico Nico Seiga in September 2019. Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing the manga in English.

Source: ANN