One Week Friends Volume Seven is the final volume of the series.

If you’ve only seen the anime of One Week Friends and haven’t read the original manga source material, and you don’t want to see any potential spoilers, then I would suggest not going any further reading this review.

One Week Friends Volume Seven
Written by: Matcha Hazuki
Publisher: Square Enix Co., Ltd.
English Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: June 18, 2019

The volume opens with a story that took place before the present time in the manga’s overarching storyline. This story focuses on the school’s sports festival, and we get to see all of the main characters participating in it. The main focus is on Yuuki and Kaori, though. Yuuki is so concerned about looking cool in front of Kaori, and he ends up having an embarrassing incident take place during the class relay. We also get to see the two of them talking afterwards, and this conversation reinforces how happy Kaori is to be making memories with friends. Considering how Volume Six ended, I thought this was a good note to start on to remind the reader of the relationship Yuuki and Kaori had before Yuuki’s doubts started creeping in during the previous volume.

After this, we return to the current time in the overarching story, and Kaori confides to Shougo that Yuuki seems to be acting differently toward her. She feels this way because the Yuuki she’s currently interacting with isn’t acting like the Yuuki she’s described in her diary. Shougo encourages her to talk to Yuuki about her concerns, because he already knows from the end of the previous volume that Yuuki has made up his mind about wanting to continue being friends with Kaori and helping her regain her memory.

The remainder of the volume leads up to Kaori finally regaining her memories of what happened on the day of the accident back in middle school. I don’t want to go into much detail here, because I don’t want to provide spoilers for readers who haven’t gotten this far in the manga series. What I will say is that, if you’re familiar with the anime adaptation, that the anime writers got most of what happened right, except for one detail that was missing. The only reason this detail was missing is the fact that the character that’s involved with this detail hadn’t been introduced into the manga when the anime adaptation was in production.

I think how Hazuki portrayed Yuuki and Hajime after they finally hear from Kaori all of the details from that day came across as authentic. And I also appreciated getting one final chapter afterward that shows Kaori and Yuuki continuing their friendship after Kaori regains her memories. The way the manga ends is open-ended, though, so there’s still plenty of ground for fanfic writers to cover after the events depicted at the end of the manga series.

After I finished reading One Week Friends Volume Seven, I was satisfied with how the series ultimately concluded. I got the payoff I was hoping for, and I didn’t feel as if the author had wasted my time at any point during the series’ seven volumes. While the anime adaptation covered most of the story, and the writers did the best they could for their ending since the manga was still ongoing, I was still glad to have the opportunity to see how the story continued from the point where the anime ended so I could see how the mangaka actually ended the story.

If you’ve seen the One Week Friends anime but haven’t read the manga, I would highly suggest checking out the original source material. The anime perfectly captured the tone and character interactions of the series, so reading the manga will have a sense of familiarity. And readers who have started the One Week Friends manga and have enjoyed the series should make sure they read all seven volumes, because I think they’ll likely be as satisfied by the journey as I was.

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