Studio Nue co-founder Haruka Takachiho reported on Twitter that manga creator Gosaku Ota passed away on December 12, 2022. He was 74 years old at the time of his passing.

The Sponichi news website reported on January 2, 2023 that Ota had contracted COVID-19 at the end of November 2022, and was taken to the hospital. His condition had stabilized, but as his strength decreased he contracted pneumonia, and passed away from pneumonia.

Ota started out as an assistant for Shotaro Ishinomori before debuting as a shōjo manga creator. He is best known for his manga adaptations of Go Nagai works such as Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, UFO Robo Grandizer, Getter Robo, Getter Robo G, and Kotetsu Zieg. He also drew the latter half of the Go Nagai-created Machine Saurer manga.

Ota also drew the fishing manga Tsuri Baka Taishō, which debuted in 1981 and ran for 10 volumes. He was also the original creator of the Groizer X anime, and drew the Mach SOS manga.

Source: ANN