Coamix and Imagineer’s MangaHot app and website has announced on Twitter that it is publishing Homura Kawamoto and Makoto Shiozuka’s The War of Greedy Witches manga in English. The website is also publishing Hirohisa Sato’s Shigahime manga in English.

The War of Greedy Witches is described as:

Joan of Arc, the hero who saved France, was sentenced to be burned at the stake. But at the moment of her death, a demon sent her to another world. There, she found 32 women from across history, known as “witches.” With the addition of the final witch, Joan of Arc, Walpurgis Night begins: Only one witch can survive, and have her wish granted.

Kawamoto and Shiozuka launched the manga in Coamix’s (then Tokuma Shoten’s) Comic Zenon magazine in October 2020.

Sato launched Shigahime in Comic Zenon in 2016.

Source: ANN