Tiger & Bunny 2 is the second season of the Tiger & Bunny anime. The season was directed by Mitsuko Kase and produced by Bandai Namco Pictures. The first 13 episodes of the season were made available on Netflix on April 8, 2022, and the remaining 12 episodes of the season became available on Netflix on October 7, 2022. As of this writing, Netflix holds the North American rights for the Tiger & Bunny 2 anime.

The second season opens by establishing three new characters and the hero buddy teams that have been created. Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. remain a team, of course. Rock Bison and Origami Cyclone are a set of buddies, Fire Emblem and Sky High are another set of buddies, and Blue Rose and Golden Ryan are now a buddy pair. A new hero named Magical Cat has been paired up with Dragon Kid, and Magical Cat is a little younger than Dragon Kid. Mr. Black and He Is Thomas, the two other new heroes introduced in this season, are the last hero buddy pairs.

A lot of the first cour of Tiger & Bunny 2 is spent focusing on the buddy hero pairs, and a rough patch that each pair goes through, which illustrates the growing pains of the hero buddy system. There’s also a running thread of a couple of characters going around and taking down heroes in other cities. The pair, Fugan and Mugan, are hinted at throughout most of the cour, but they don’t truly become important to the main character heroes in Stern Bild until Episode Eight. It turns out that Mugan and Fugan, as well as their custodian, Nicolai Brahe, are affiliated with Ouroboros, the organization that Barnaby was trying to track down in Season One to get revenge for them killing his parents.

The second season also introduces Barnaby’s childhood friend, Mattia. He has been developing a drug to try to stimulate all the parts of a person’s brain, with the hope of breaking down the barriers between the NEXT and the non-NEXT. It turns out that the drug enhances the ability of a NEXT, and Ouroboros is trying to get their hands on it. Gregory Sunshine, a convicted serial killer NEXT, is used by Ouroboros as a test subject. But when the heroes defeat Fugan and Mugan at the end of the first cour, Gregory gets a hold of the drug and escapes the lab.

The second cour sees Ms. Rosicky, now a former member of Ouroboros, teaming up with Gregory to use the drug to carry out a plan that she believes will protect NEXT. Gregory uses the drug on NEXT, which causes them to go berserk and lose control of themselves. These NEXTs, which are branded as “X”s by the media, tarnish the reputation of the NEXTs, including the superheroes. Since the rampant theory is that “X”s are created by NEXT who are infected by a disease, it’s decided to segregate the NEXTs into their own areas. The superheroes are also forced to turn in their suits and not capture criminals. If they do, they can never be superheroes again.

The heroes figure out that Gregory Sunshine is behind the “X”s, and with the help of Agnes at Hero TV, they get their suits back and take on Gregory and all the convicts he turned into “X”s that he’s turned loose in the city. As you would expect, the heroes save the day and prove that Gregory is behind the “X”s.

Yuri/Lunatic also plays an important role in the second cour of Tiger & Bunny 2. There’s very important character development for Yuri in the second half, and it’s kind of sad to see what happens to him in the final episode of the season.

After watching Tiger & Bunny 2, I wish that the two cours had been one drop instead of two. While I personally liked the first cour, there could be fans of Tiger & Bunny that were frustrated by the pacing of the first 13 episodes, especially since the first seven episodes or so can feel like “fluff,” especially since Fugan and Mugan (the main antagonists of the first cour) are hinted at for half of the cour before they truly become an important element to the story. Once these two finally join the main storyline, the cour feels a little stronger.

Unfortunately, with the six month gap between the two cours, viewers who were frustrated by the first cour may not have bothered to return for the second one. Those who didn’t come back missed out on a much stronger story. The first episode of the second cour basically works at setting up the overarching story of it, and the story gets going rather quickly after that. In a lot of respects, the first cour feels like it’s more there to set up the story of the second cour than as a strong cour on its own. Because of that, I do feel that Netflix would have been better served to drop all 25 episodes at the same time.

If you’re a Tiger & Bunny fan who hasn’t watched the second season yet and are still interested in seeing it, I would recommend watching it now that all 25 episodes are on the service. At least at this point, you can watch the two cours back-to-back and you’ll likely have a better viewing experience than those of us who watched it as the two separate cours that were released six months apart.

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