When Gregory Sunshine turned Kotetsu into an “X” at the end of Episode 24, I was wondering how they were going to have him regain his senses. The explanation that was given made a lot of sense, especially since there had been hints about it earlier in this cour. Of course, having Kotetsu losing his NEXT powers is quite the game changer for the franchise. While fighting Audun, Barnaby’s power suit is destroyed, and Kotetsu throws Barnaby the control for his suit. Even though using his power is still affecting Barnaby’s leg, he still manages to take down Audun with Kotetsu’s suit’s lariats and Barnaby’s kick. After the fight, I liked hearing Barnaby comment that even though he was by himself in Kotetsu’s suit, it still felt like they were together.

The only real positive of Gregory turning Kotetsu into an “X” was that this allowed the narrator of Hero TV to comment on the heroes’ investigation into Gregory and him turning NEXTs into “X”s. And thanks to Gregory’s picture being shown on Hero TV, a concerned citizen is able to call in and report his whereabouts. It was satisfying to see Ryan finally be able to take on Gregory and succeed. But, as we see near the end of the episode, Gregory never faces justice for what he did. In some respects, though, what happened to Gregory wasn’t too surprising, considering the betrayal we saw in Episode 24 from Ms. Rosicky’s bodyguard.

In my writeup for the previous episode, I had mentioned that I hadn’t gotten the satisfaction of seeing the police chief admit he was wrong. Well, he finally makes his mea culpa in this episode, although Agnes gets pissed at him since he had been hindering them… and at the point the police chief finally admits to his folly, Kotetsu’s power was gone and Barnaby couldn’t activate his power yet.

Yuri/Lunatic’s storyline is resolved in this episode as well. Unfortunately, it’s not a happy resolution. While Kotetsu and Barnaby see Lunatic remove his mask, the lighting where they’re at is such that it seems they never actually get to see his face. While I would have liked to have seen how Yuri’s sudden disappearance was explained, it wouldn’t have been relevant for the ending the writer was going for.

Magical Cat’s mother also gets a brief scene, which shows her getting some kind of redemption. She confronts a reporter who claimed she always supported the heroes (even though she was bad-mouthing them when the “X” situation was going on) and calls her out on it. From the reporter’s reaction, I think it’s the woman that Magical Cat’s mother felt betrayed by. If so, that was a nice touch.

The last bit of the episode shows the interactions between the various hero buddies. Most are upbeat, except for Kotetsu and Barnaby. We actually see Barnaby crying, which is something I don’t think we’d truly seen much of up to this point in the series. But once he composes himself, Barnaby says he’ll continue to be a hero. Kotetsu says that while they won’t be fighting side by side anymore, he’ll still be on Barnaby’s side.

There’s a post-credits scene at the Museum of Heroes that brings about a very bittersweet ending for the episode and the season. After everything that took place in this final episode, I really can’t see a way for the franchise to realistically continue. And after seeing this ending, I think it would be best to end Tiger & Bunny here.

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