Overall, the main two focus points of this episode are on Kotetsu and Barnaby trying to protect Little Aurora and Mr. Black and He Is Thomas taking on L.L. Audun. As part of the Little Aurora storyline, however, we finally get the backstory as to why Ms. Rosicky has launched “Mission A.” It was nice to finally learn her backstory, although prior to this moment, all we had gotten in the way of any hints is a photograph she’s seen holding when she activates her NEXT power. While learning this backstory does add some weight when Ms. Rosicky’s bodyguard betrays her, it seemed like it came too late for the audience to truly have any sympathy for Ms. Rosicky.

With the battle going on between L.L. Audun and the team of Mr. Black and He Is Thomas, the most important takeaway is that the two heroes are finally able to work together. On the surface, it didn’t appear that that was going on, but this deception worked perfectly to make L.L. Audun drop his guard. Unfortunately, this show of teamwork is bittersweet because of what happens afterward.

We also see that the other superheroes who had been defeated by Audun manage to get themselves back on their feet in order to start helping the citizens who have been affected by the “X” attacks. From what is said in the Hero TV control room, it sounds like the police have finally admitted that they can’t handle this situation on their own and actually need the superheroes’ help. I wish we could have had a scene showing the police chief finally having to admit that his pride affected his judgment, but alas, we didn’t.

But most of the episode ultimately focuses on Kotetsu and Barnaby taking on Lunatic and protecting Little Aurora. The two superheroes manage to take down Lunatic, although they are interrupted during the process by someone driving a vehicle straight toward Little Aurora. Kotetsu manages to save her, as well as land the blow that knocks Lunatic out. The driver of the vehicle is used as Ms. Rosicky’s next body to control, but we get a major surprise when Gregory and Audun show up, with Gregory shooting the driver dead. This is the point where it’s revealed that Ms. Rosicky has been betrayed by the woman who was serving as her bodyguard. Lunatic manages to come to at the right moment, and he, Kotetsu, and Barnaby team up together to take on Audun. But after his recent bouts with the superheroes, Audun has doubts about if the superheroes are really villains. Gregory uses the drug to get Audun back under his control, which turns him into an “X.”

The climax sees Kotetsu trying to apprehend Gregory, and something surprising happens to Kotetsu. Wow, what a way to end this episode!

You could tell while watching the episode that this is the penultimate one, between the story beats and the pacing. And that climax with Kotetsu could have some real repercussions. But I have a hard time believing this is going to be permanent, though. The question going into the final episode is, “How will Kotetsu overcome what happened to him at the end of this one?”

I can’t believe that I’m almost done watching the second cour of Tiger & Bunny 2. It’s been quite the ride, and I’m really looking forward to how the writer(s) are going to conclude this cour. I hope it’s not rushed or that it turns out to be a unsatisfying ending.

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