Kenji Itoso’s Kenji Studio has launched Kickstarter campaigns to release English-dubbed and English-subtitled versions for the Santa Company: Secret of Christmas and Santa Company: Midsummer Merry Christmas anime films on December 25, 2022. The company also started a Kickstarter campaign to release the Santa Company color manga in English on the same day.

All three campaigns will run until January 18, 2023. As of this writing, the Santa Company: Secret of Christmas Kickstarter has raised US$2,181 of its US$9,000 goal, the Santa Company: Midsummer Merry Christmas campaign has raised US$618 of its US$7,500 goal, and the manga campaign has raised US$699 of its US$6,000 goal.

If the total amount raised for all three campaigns crosses US$40,000, there will be a stage greeting with the lead voice actors dressed up as Santa Claus. If the total raised reaches US$100,000, Itoso will work with a crew including screenwriter Sadayuki Murai to produce a sequel to Santa Company.

The Kickstarter pages note that the company has already started the English translation and dubbing work in time for a Christmas 2022 release, but they still need funding. The online screening is scheduled to be available to backers on December 25, 2022, and the permanent releases of the movies for backers is scheduled for February 2023. The campaigns also note that although the works are scheduled for December 2022, they may be delayed.

Itoso held a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 to fund the first Santa Company film, which met its US$50,000 goal. The film premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October 2014. Santa Company: Secret of Christmas, an extended film version of the film, opened theatrically in Japan in November 2019. The new version commemorated 100 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland.

Santa Company: Midsummer Merry Christmas debuted worldwide online through MyAnimeList in January 2021. The film aims to raise awareness of marine waste, and is part of the “CHANGE FOR THE BLUE” initiative by the Nippon Foundation’s Umi to Nippon Project.

Yuzuki Momoi and Chiharu Shinagawa launched the Santa Company color manga on LINE in 2019.

Source: ANN