This is an episode with two stories, but they both end up being important (even if the second one feels like it isn’t for most of it).

The first story, “THE ROLE OF A MOTHER AND WIFE,” sees Yor still feeling down about Fiona and what she perceives as Loid trying to replace her. A couple of the gossipy neighbors see Yor, and start talking behind her back about how Loid must be cheating on her and how a woman in one of the apartments reported her husband to the Secret Police due to his unfaithfulness. Loid overhears this, and realizes that he’d better try to clear things up with Yor, especially since if she says anything to Yuri, it could get him into a lot of trouble.

After giving Franky babysitting duty, Loid takes Yor to a bar for drinks. As Loid is about to start giving an explanation, Yor jumps to the wrong conclusion, finds she can’t speak, and then downs not only her drink, but the bottle Loid has as well. As we know from Season One, Yor doesn’t hold her liquor well. In a very slurred voice, she starts asking about Fiona and Loid’s feelings for her. The back and forth becomes quite interesting, yet amusing here, especially when Loid decides he needs to use the “honey trap” to try to calm the situation. Well, let’s just say that Yor gives him quite the kick to the chin, and he goes unconscious.

We actually get to see a couple of quick scenes of Loid when he was a child, being comforted by his mother. Little Loid was so cute. Awww…

Anyway, Loid comes to when he hears a familiar lullaby being sung (that his mother sang to him as a child), and when he opens his eyes, he sees he’s laying on Yor’s lap on a park bench. After the initial shock of the situation, Loid finally gets his chance to explain that he doesn’t have feelings for Fiona, and reinforces how good of a mother Yor is to Anya. He also encourages her to have more faith in herself, and tells Yor about how she makes Anya feel safe (like his mother did for him when he was growing up).

This was a very touching story, and there were times that I wished I could give Yor a hug. But, of course, this being Spy x Family, we get something humorous to end it on.

But the humorous ending works, because it sets the tone for the second story, “SHOPPING WITH FRIENDS.” Damian and his friends see a notice on a bulletin board about the upcoming dorm party, where students and families at Eden College get together. Anya is watching from a distance, and we hear her thoughts about how she’s given up earning eight Stella and is focusing on “Plan B” (becoming friends with Damian), which isn’t working out so well, either. Becky sees Anya watching Damian from a distance and, of course, still has the mistaken idea that Anya has a crush on Damian. Becky offers to take Anya shopping to buy some new clothes to get Damian’s attention.

I thought it was amusing how Loid was able to procure a nice wad of cash from WISE for Anya to use as spending money as part of Operation Strix. As Loid puts it, it works in their favor for Anya to become closer friends with Becky. We see that Becky has an attendant named Martha, who accompanies the girls on their trip, and we learn that Becky has rented out the entire mall for their shopping trip. It was kind of fun watching the two of them trying on clothes and such, but poor Anya is just so overwhelmed by the experience. In the end, Becky buys a lot of clothes (including an outfit to mimic Yor’s look), and Anya hasn’t picked anything. As they walk past a shop, Anya sees keychains of the mall’s mascot and says she wants one of them. While we see that Becky wants one, she remembers her father saying that the Blackbells can only have and wear the finest things, or it would tarnish the family’s reputation. But Anya buys a second one as a present, and Martha tells Becky it would make her look bad if she didn’t accept her friend’s generosity.

Right at the end of the story, the girls fall asleep in the car on the ride home. Martha remembers what Becky was like before going to Eden College, as well as Becky coming home from the first day of school and talking about meeting Anya. I appreciated getting a little bit more background on Becky and what she was like prior to the start of the series.

Next week is the final episode of the first season of Spy x Family. The title of next week’s episode is “FIRST CONTACT,” and the final shot of the preview seems to indicate that Damian’s father will be making an appearance at the school. If what I’m inferring from the preview is correct, this will be an interesting note to end on.

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