The episode opens by backtracking to when Gregory found L.L. Audun at the prison, but instead of cutting away like it did in Episode 22, we get to see this scene play out a little longer. Apparently, Audun came to believe he was a superhero during his time in prison, and Gregory uses this to his advantage by claiming the superheroes are enemies that need to be defeated. We then return to the present, where we see that Golden Ryan and Blue Rose have been defeated by Audun. Before he accompanies Gregory to where the other superheroes are, Audun crashes into the museum and gets his suit back.

Why was it not surprising that when Audun appears on the scene, that the chief of police is still more concerned about his department’s image? He wants the police to capture Audun and get the glory instead of the superheroes. Of course, though, the police trying to apprehend Audun are getting their asses whooped.

Meanwhile, Mattia and Saito are watching a press conference with the mayor. As the mayor is speaking, Mattia realizes that he’s being controlled. With this press conference being called to welcome Little Aurora, it’s finally realized that the “A” for “Mission A” is Aurora. Yuri, who is looking over Wild Tiger’s testimony about Gregory, picks up on this as well. Just as Wild Tiger is about to head over to the press conference, Audun arrives where he, Rock Bison, and Origami Cyclone are. Fortunately, Rock Bison and Origami Cyclone are able to hold Audun off long enough for Wild Tiger to get away.

At the press conference, we see the mayor suddenly declare that NEXTs and non-NEXTs can never coexist, and he points a gun at Aurora. But Lunatic arrives just in time to save Aurora. Wild Tiger shows up right after, and tries to explain to Lunatic that the mayor is being controlled. During the chaos that ensues, Lunatic ends up being controlled by Ms. Rosicky, and is used to pursue Little Aurora, who is trying to get away in a car. Wild Tiger pursues Lunatic, and comes under fire as he’s trying to protect Little Aurora.

Barnaby wants to go help Wild Tiger, but Audun appears before him and Mr. Black. Mr. Black urges Barnaby to go, and someone suddenly appears to team up with Mr. Black, allowing Barnaby to go join up with Wild Tiger. I bet you can probably guess who showed up to work alongside Mr. Black.

Right at the end of the episode, Barnaby speaks to himself and apologizes to Wild Tiger for breaking his promise. We then see Barnaby activate his power just as the episode ends.

Wow, this episode was intense! If it hadn’t been clear enough before, this episode firmly establishes that we have now reached or are basically just about to reach the climax for this cour of Tiger & Bunny 2. With most of the superheroes now out of commission, L.L. Audun on the loose, and Lunatic being controlled by Ms. Rosicky, the odds seem to be stacked up against the heroes. We know that somehow, some way, the heroes are going to have to prevail. At this point, the main question going into the final two episodes is: “How?” I’m really looking forward to watching the remaining episodes of Tiger & Bunny 2 to see how that question is answered.

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