The episode opens with Loid and Fiona (as the “Phony Pair”) in their match at the tennis competition. The children of Cavi Campbell continue trying to pull underhanded tricks to win, but Loid and Fiona foil each plan… which even includes assassins trying to shoot at them. In the end, Loid and Fiona win, and Campbell’s son is moved to try to hone his talent after Loid praises him.

When Loid and Fiona go to claim their prize, they’re told that the painting they’re after isn’t available. At this point, Loid and Fiona know that Campbell and his men are aware of the code in the painting and that the East’s government is after it. But Loid and Fiona come up with a plan to get a hold of the painting, yet make Campbell think he still has it. I was impressed with how quickly they came up with this plan in order to make their mission a success.

When Fiona drops Loid off afterward, they’re at a park where Yor, Anya, and Bond happen to be at. Apparently, Anya and Yor have been spending the day “playing tennis.” Fiona challenges Yor to a tennis match, thinking she’ll beat Yor and cause Loid to get rid of her and make Fiona his new “wife” for Operation Strix. Let’s just say that this match doesn’t go the way Fiona thinks it will, and what happens during the match is quite amusing.

About a week later, Loid goes to see Handler and finds out what the code in the painting revealed. Let’s just say that it’s not what anyone expected. It was really funny to see what the code actually led to, and especially Loid’s reaction to what he’s told. But at the same time, you kind of had to feel for Loid. I mean, he went through what he did with Fiona at the tennis match, only for it to turn out to be… something that wasn’t as important as it seemed to be. I can’t forget to mention that the after credits scene with Fiona was amusing, so if you watch the episode, stick around for that.

I thought the conclusion of this story worked perfectly with the tone that has been established for Spy x Family up to this point. Obviously, Fiona is going to continue to be part of the series and be a thorn in Yor’s side, but with only two episodes remaining for the season, we may not be seeing much more of her at this point. The next episode sees the series returning to two stories in it instead of just one. Last week’s episode and this week’s episode served as a good break before returning to the multi-story episodes. And now knowing that next week’s episode is going to be in that style, I’m really curious to see how the season is going to conclude in a couple of weeks.

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