Anime News Network is reporting that HIDIVE has revealed that due to “a regular and ongoing curation” of its library, some series such as Amagi Brilliant Park and Di Gi Charat are temporarily unavailable but “are expected to return to HIDIVE in early 2023.” HIDIVE did not list all series that are missing or when it removed them.

AMC Networks acquired Sentai Holdings, LLC, which includes Sentai Filmworks and the HIDIVE streaming service, in January 2022. The acquisition includes all of the member interests from Cool Japan Fund, Inc., a public-private Japanese investment fund.

AMC Networks’ CEO Christina Spade stepped down on November 28, 2022 after less than three months in the role. The company is planning to lay off about 20% of its employees due to subscriber losses from cancellation of cable bundles in favor of streaming services. According to the company, its streaming services, such as AMC+, have not offset the cost of cable-cutting.

Source: ANN