The episode opens by backtracking a little in time to show Gregory causing the prison break at Abbas Prison and turning the NEXT incarcerated there into “X”s. We then see the police trying to hold them off, and the head of the police insisting that their forces take them down since the superheroes aren’t around (never mind that his men out in the field are telling him that there’s too many “X”s for them to deal with). Just as everything seems hopeless, the superheroes make their appearance and start taking on the “X”s. The exception here is Origami Cyclone, because he uses his ability to turn into the CEO of the station that airs Hero TV so the current broadcast can be interrupted for live coverage of the superheroes. After this is accomplished, Origami Cyclone heads to where the others are.

Well, let’s just say that both the head of the police and the local newscasters are upset by the superheroes going rogue. We see the newscasters on their broadcasts criticizing the heroes, and the head of the police sends forces in armored suits to try to suppress the superheroes. The head of the police has just gotten so obsessed with the image of the police that he’s not thinking clearly. Those armored suits should really have been used to help the superheroes subdue the “X”s. The superheroes could be dealt with afterwards. But no, the police end up getting in the way of the superheroes, which makes it that much harder for the superheroes to subdue the “X”s. I swear I wanted to yell at and throttle the head of the police for acting so stupidly.

We also get to see Gregory and Ms. Rosicky from Ouroboros. Gregory isn’t happy to be given another order by her, since he thought causing the prison break at Abbas Prison was “Mission A.” But Ms. Rosicky insists that he has one more thing to do, and while doing this assignment, he discovers something interesting. Ms. Rosicky, meanwhile, uses her NEXT ability to set the next stage “Mission A” in motion.

Back with the superheroes, it’s discovered that one of the “X”s is Origami Cyclone’s friend, Edward, who ended up being sent to prison during the first season. Edward gives them quite a struggle, and Wild Tiger, Origami Cyclone, and Rock Bison are forced away from where the other heroes are in order to try to keep Edward from making it to a majorly populated area of Stern Bild. At the same time, Golden Ryan and Blue Rose decide to go on their own to Abbas Prison in order to find Gregory. When Golden Ryan and Blue Rose make it to the prison, they find Gregory… but also someone else that they weren’t expecting. It’s someone we’ve heard references to throughout the second season of Tiger & Bunny, and now they’re finally making an appearance in the series.

This episode also has an after credits scene that establishes to the audience with “Mission A” really is… and I suspect this is going to be the focus of the next episode.

Episode 22 of Tiger & Bunny 2 was very action packed, but it also managed to fit in an emotional beat for Origami Cyclone with the revelation of his friend Edward being among the “X”s. The stakes have gotten even higher by the end of this episode, and it’s going to be interesting to see how this storyline will be wrapped up in the three remaining episodes of this cour of Tiger & Bunny 2. I hope it feels like a natural ending and not like it’s being rushed through, because we’ve still got a few loose threads hanging out there.

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