Irodori Aqua – an all-ages-oriented English localization imprint of indie manga publisher Irodori Comics – has announced that it has acquired the license for Tamaki Nao’s Long-Lost Pals Living Their Breast Life.

Tamaki Nao is an artist who has published several commercial romantic comedies with few having received an English localization in the past. Currently, they are most famous for the story Long-Lost Pals Living Their Breast Life. Tamaki Nao started publishing Long-Lost Pals Living Their Breast Life in the form of a short manga on Twitter. The manga has generated numerous viral tweets and gained popularity in Japan as well as abroad. The artist is collecting some of these shorts and publishing them in compiled volumes, and now Irodori Aqua is enabling foreign fans to enjoy these stories in English, too, while also directly supporting the artist.

Long-Lost Pals Living Their Breast Life 1
Story and Art by Tamaki Nao

You’ve heard of “meet-cute,” but how about “reunite-cute” between two estranged childhood friends? A now muscular, chest-swole Shun visits his old, now busty friend Nana after an extended absence in hopes of putting a figurative stake in the heart of his first and only love. But it looks like neither of these well-endowed “tiddy monsters” are ready to let go. Join our hilariously awkward (maybe?) couple as they (hopefully!?) begin to bumble their way into an adorable relationship.

The digital release of Long-Lost Pals Living Their Breast Life will be released in January 2023 and is currently available for pre-order on the Irodori Aqua website. The 110-page-long volume is priced at $12.25. The work will be made available on other digital platforms at a later date as well.