It’s been a while, but we’re finally back to an episode that only has one story included in it. And this story ties back to the first story from last week’s episode, since it focuses on the joint mission between Loid and Fiona that was referenced last week.

Their mission is to get a hold of a painting that contains the location of the Zacharis Dossier, which has information that could lead to the war between the east and the west flaring up again. Cavi Campbell, the owner of the painting, hosts an underground tennis tournament. The winner of the tournament can choose any piece of art in Campbell’s collection, and Fiona decides that participating in the tournament is the best course of action to getting access to the painting due to the heavy security around Campbell and his property.

Fiona, of course, is still plotting to replace Yor as Loid’s wife as she is very much in love with him. So for their cover for the tournament, she enters herself and Loid as a married couple. She has it in her head that if she can impress him as his tennis partner that he’ll want to dump Yor and make her his wife instead. But I had to kind of giggle when I saw that she used “Phony” to be their fake last name… and that no one involved with or attending the tournament batted an eye at this. Yes, the last name “Forger” isn’t exactly subtle, but “Phony” is even less so.

The majority of the episode focuses on the tournament, with Loid and Fiona first going up again retired professional tennis players. The “Phony”s easily defeat the pros, and then are up against two guys who are doped up (which is legal for these matches, as well as customized rackets and dirty tricks). After the two doped up guys mock Loid before their match, Fiona takes it upon herself to show no mercy… and soundly defeats them.

Loid and Fiona make it to the finals, and are told to wait in a room for 20 minutes before the final match, which sees them going up against Campbell’s high school aged children. Loid has a talk with Fiona about how overeager she’s been and shows concern for her, which at first, she mistakes as Loid having feelings for her. But before anything else can happen, they realize that there’s an odorless and colorless gas being pumped into their room. Through code, they communicate with each other how they’re going to try to minimize inhaling it in. After this, we see the beginnings of the final match between the “Phony”s and Campbell’s children. At first, things seem to be going against the “Phony”s, but they start to turn things around as the episode ends. The preview shows that the next episode will continue where this one leaves off.

We don’t get much screen time for Yor, Anya, or Bond in this episode, but for the most part, this is more Loid and Fiona’s story, so this makes sense. But before going to the tournament, Loid gave a cover story to Yor and Anya about participating in a tennis match with his medical colleagues. Yor thinks about how Fiona is going to be there, and wonders about exactly what kind of relationship those two have. She’s concerned, but she’s obviously becoming a little jealous as well. Anya reads her mind and comforts Yor, but Yor makes the off-hand comment of how Anya must be reading her mind. Anya comes up with something quickly to divert Yor away from that train of thought, and luckily for Anya, Yor is the type of person who can easily be distracted. Even though the other Forgers don’t get much screen time, the time they do get is important, because it gives the audience a glimpse into Yor and what she’s feeling after meeting Fiona.

It was refreshing to finally be back to an episode where it only covered one story. The multiple story episodes weren’t bad, but when most of the season has included episodes in this style, it made this one stand out more. From the preview for the next episode, it appears that it will also be a single story episode. There are still two more episodes remaining, and it’ll be interesting to see how this cour will conclude.

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