The first promotional video for the Kizuna no Allele anime has been released.


ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners


ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

Introduction to the story

This is a story about the bonds between girls.

Kizuna Ai appeared like a comet in the virtual world, becoming massively popular in the blink of an eye. After five consecutive years of gracing the Lapin Doll—the highest honor of the Virtual Grid Awards—she disappeared as quickly as she came.

Several months have passed since then.

ADEN Academy is a school that specializes in training new talent who will make their debut in the virtual world. There, students each with their own hopes and dreams work hard every day.

“I wanna be a virtual artist just like Ai!”

A young girl named Miracle enrolls in ADEN Academy with this conviction in her heart. There, she’ll meet all kinds of people and make wonderful new memories with them as they each pursue their dreams.

Are you ready? ――


Miracle (CV: Ayumi Hinohara)

Miracle 1

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

She admires Kizuna Ai and she is hoping to become a virtual artist like Ai. She has never learned to dance and sing before and has just started learning. She has been working hard and is aiming to win “Lapin Doll,” which is the top category of award as a virtual artist.

Quan (CV: Lina Kawaguchi)

Quan 1

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

She stood out with her looks but she hates to be judged by her look rather than who she really is inside. Plus, she is rather shy in nature so she is hesitant to start her first step as a virtual artist.

Chris (CV: Hikari Kodama)

Chris 1

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

She has been searching for who she really is. While she works as a virtual artist, she is searching for a way to change “the unsatisfied feeling” inside her heart. She is interested in Miracle because she finds that there is something special about Miracle compared to other people.

Noelle (CV: Yuka Nukui)

Noelle 1

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

Since Noelle grew up in an elite family, she has always been looking for perfection for herself. She is very strict towards both herself and other people as well. But she can also be kind and helpful to other people.

Riz (CV: Arisa Hanawa)

Riz 1

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

She is very smart and always prepares the research and analysis. When it comes to competition, she becomes too competitive and she must win. She is good at self-producing and has a desire to change the world all by herself.

Kizuna Ai (CV: Kizuna Ai)

Kizuna 1

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

She is the legendary virtual artist who won “Lapin Doll,” which is the highest ranking as a virtual artist, five times in a row. She suddenly vanished from the virtual world and no one knows where she went.

Comments from the voice actors

Ayumi Hinohara as Miracle

Ayumi Hinohara

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

I love Miracle so much and I adore how positive and strong she is. Miracle wants to become like Kizuna Ai chan. I think she is a child of the Sun because she is always shining like sunshine. Miracle has many different facial expressions so I am sure that she will make you smile! I truly loved acting as Miracle. She sometimes gets depressed when she fails but I want you to support her growth with her companions and Mizuki Ai. Please look forward to seeing the girls’ performance!

Lina Kawaguchi as Quan

Lina Kawaguchi

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

I am Lina Kawaguchi and I am acting as Quan. I am so honored to work for this story which so many people have been looking forward to seeing. Quan is an introvert but is very sensitive and gentle with a kind heart. Please look and support Quan and how she grows up when she meets Miracle and the other girls. I hope I can bond to many people from all over the world through this story. Thank you!

Hikari Kodama as Chris

Hikari Kodama

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

I am Hikari Kodama. I am a singer and songwriter and I am voice acting as Chris. This is my first challenge as a voice actor so I was a little nervous. I have always admired the world of acting so I worked very hard to act as Chris. Please check how I created the world of Chris who is a little bizarre in nature and is very funny. (Laugh) The 3D movie is very delicate and you must see it! All the characters are so cute so it will be hard to choose your favorite. Chris is so unique and cute so I hope many people will love Chris. Please look forward to discovering the story of their bonds, where Kizuna Ai ties to Miracle and her friends.

Yuka Nukui as Noelle

Yuka Nukui

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

Noelle is cool, pretty and strong… and she also has a weak side since she aims for absolute perfection. She is very humane, honest and noble. She shows her many different sides while the story evolves. I sometimes find similarities with her and feel very excited when I am acting as Noelle in the studio every time. I was so thrilled to see the movies. The characters! The movement! The facial expressions! And Kizuna Ai chan…! All of them are so special in this anime series. You can see how the girls run towards their dreams. They might make you feel painful and also make you tearful… But overall, this story will give you strength and courage. I hope you will cheer for all the girls who change and grow themselves as they are connecting to others. Their connection becomes a bond… I hope I can show you this wonderful world. I will keep trying to do my best with Noelle, who moves on with her powers which have been made by both her strengths and weaknesses.

Arisa Hanawa as Riz

Arisa Hanawa

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

I am Arisa Hanawa. I am voice acting as Riz. I was so happy when I found out that I am acting as Riz… I can’t even express with any words how happy I was! My first impression of Riz was that she is cool but once I saw how the story evolves, I started to know her charm better and deeper as I can see her different sides. The movies with 2D and 3D are so beautiful and sensitive. Also, the music adds a vivid color to the story and is gorgeous as well! I am going to work hard to deliver this amazing world of Kizuna no Allele with everyone! I hope you can support and see how Riz grows up with her friends and Miracle. I hope I can connect to many people through this story.

Comments from staff

Kenichiro Komaya: Director

When I was offered this job, I was very happy and at the same time I felt very nervous about it. But since all the other staff are excellent people, I have been really enjoying making it and it has been lots of fun. So, I hope that the viewers can feel our enjoyment through watching the show. Of course, this anime is not only about fun but is also about delivering you an amazing story. I hope you will enjoy it and that you can bond with their ties. The characters are so cute and the voice actors helped make the characters all the more attractive through their excellent efforts. You can enjoy all the beautiful songs and the 3D. I will put all my energy into creating this story so please look forward to seeing Kizuna no Allele.

Deko Akao: Script writer

It was so amazing to meet the characters for Kizuna no Allele and the days of thinking about the girls’ lives have been very exciting. I created episodes which can only be possible because they exist in the virtual world. Also, I put special feelings which were created only by the virtual artists. What is the “bond” specifically anyways? I hope that I can search for the answer and find it with the girls eventually. I hope this story will pierce somewhere inside of your heart… I will be very happy if it does.

Shiori Asaka: Character designer

I still remember the day when I first read the original story. I was so thrilled and so excited to learn how charming all the characters are. So, I thought about the feelings and started to create the character design. I put all my love into making this story and created it as one member of the staff. I hope you will love it. I will keep working hard like Miracle who grows up tremendously through many of her great meetings. Thank you!

Nona Morita: Character designer

This is my first time working as a character designer for a TV series. So, I was quite nervous and it was a series of trial-and-error. But at the same time, my love for the characters grew bigger and bigger as the days passed. I have been working hard with the hope: “I wish Miracle will be loved by people from all over the world just like Mizuki Ai.”
I am drawing with many wishes in mind. I hope people will love not only the main characters but also all the other side characters. Please find your favorite! Please enjoy watching Kizuna no Allele …!!

Information about Kizuna no Allele

Title: Kizuna no Allele
Broadcasting: Starts in 2023
The official homepage of the television anime:
The official Twitter: kizunanoallele

Profile of Kizuna Ai

Kizuna Ai 2

ⒸKA/Kizuna no Allele PJ ⒸKizuna no Allele Partners

Kizuna Ai is a virtual artist who started being active in December 2016.

She started her activity as a virtual YouTuber to pioneer the message that, “I want to be connected to you.” She has been mainly active as a YouTuber and her YouTube channel called “A.I. Channel” has over three million subscribers and her gaming channel called “A.I.Games” has over 1.5 million subscribers.

Her TikTok has over three million subscribers and the total number of her followers on SNS are over 10 million people. She is expanding her activities by attending television programs and commercial videos.

She has now become very popular not only inside Japan but also worldwide. To break through all kinds of difficulties she has been trying her career as a professional artist in the music industry. Now she has been taking a short break to update her work.