A lot of the episode focuses on the various characters as they prepare to head to the “evacuation center.” Bunny has an early morning visit with Mattia, Sky High and Fire Emblem spend the early morning walking Sky High’s dogs, Blue Rose is having breakfast with her parents, Magical Cat and Dragon Kid go to visit Magical Cat’s mother, Golden Ryan is talking with his sponsors, Origami Cyclone and Rock Bison share a meal together after spending the previous night at the bar, Kotetsu sends a text to Kaede, and Mr. Black discovers that He Is Thomas has moved out without telling him and receives a text from Thomas’ sister. I can’t forget to mention that we also see Gregory and Ms. Rosicky (the woman from Ouroboros) talking about the upcoming plan that’s about to be launched. However, we also see that separately, they have plans to cut the other loose after Mission A is done.

Of these events, I thought the most notable was Magical Cat and Dragon Kid’s visit with Magical Cat’s mother. The mom is still as much of a bitch as ever, and she’s insisting on going to the evacuation center with her daughter. Mom is determined to continue Magical Cat’s superhero career somewhere else, but Magical Cat doesn’t want that. While Magical Cat doesn’t outright fight back against her mother, she does get up and leave with Dragon Kid. Both Dragon Kid and Magical Cat are determined to stay buddies.

We also briefly see Aurora, the NEXT who has the reputation for helping people, as she heads for Stern Bild. Agnes also calls the superheroes and asks them to come to the HERO TV studio in order to give comments for a final episode special. As the heroes are about to head out for the studio, they see a news report of a prison riot and how “X”s are escaping from the prison into Stern Bild. When the heroes (minus He Is Thomas) make it to the studio, they find their superhero suits have been gathered there. Agnes got the sponsors to bring the suits to the studio under the guise of needing them for the special. She knew that if something like the prison breakout happened, that the heroes would want to jump into action, so she wanted to make sure their gear was available. She gives them five minutes to decide if they want to go out as heroes to save the day, but knowing they’ll lose their superhero license if they do.

Right near the end of the episode, Kotetsu and Bunny spend their five minutes apart from the others to talk. Barnaby reveals something to Kotetsu, and what Barnaby reveals makes him want to risk everything to be a hero one last time. This scene also sees Kotetsu pondering over what it means to be a superhero. The final shot is of the heroes, in their suits, heading out to take on the “X”s.

For a lot of the episode, there’s almost this sense of an uneasy calm going on in Stern Bild and in the lives of our protagonists, and I thought this was very effective for leading up to the prison break and the superheroes needing to decide if they’re willing to risk losing their right to be heroes in the future. Once the prison break happens after spending most of the episode in the uneasy calm, it feels like a dam has burst, and things start happening.

I’m glad to see we had an episode focusing on the heroes leading up to the time that they’re supposed to head to the “evacuation center.” While it would be nice to see more of Yuri and if he continues on as Lunatic, the story is at a point that the plot with the superheroes needs to move forward. With the way this episode, ended, though, I can’t wait to watch Episode 22 in order to find out what’s going to happen next.

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