The first story of this episode, “NIGHTFALL,” formally introduces the audience to Fiona Frost, a WISE spy who goes by the codename of Nightfall. We saw her briefly in the previous episode, when Loid took Anya to visit his workplace at the hospital, but this episode truly introduces this character to the series.

It turns out that Fiona, who usually works a lot with Loid, has feelings for him. She was unavailable to be Loid’s wife for Operation Strix, but she’s plotting to try to get rid of Yor and take her place. But as we see throughout this episode, there’s no way this woman could have ever convincingly pulled off being either Loid’s wife or Anya’s mother. She has a very cold demeanor, and this never would have won Anya over.

Fiona decides to stop by Loid’s place, knowing that only Yor would be home. She has Anya’s magnifying glass from the previous episode, and uses it as an excuse to visit the Forgers (although, Fiona was given an assignment by Handler to deliver a mission, which the two of them will be working on together). As the two women talk, Fiona is trying to say things that will make Yor decide to quit. The first couple of things Fiona says don’t work, but just as Fiona is starting into her third attempt, Loid, Anya, and Bond return home. When Loid realizes that Fiona is there, the two of them start talking to each other in code. Anya reads Fiona’s mind and realizes she’s also a spy. But then, she reads something in Fiona’s mind that she wasn’t expecting… that Fiona is in love with Loid. As this story continues, Anya sees more in Fiona’s mind and realizes that Fiona wants to take Yor’s place. It was so sweet to see Anya suddenly snuggling up to Yor and talking up how much she loves her family.

This ultimately causes Fiona to leave in the pouring rain without an umbrella, and Loid goes after her with a spare umbrella. As we hear Fiona’s thoughts at the end of this story, we see that she’s not through with her idea of trying to replace Yor as Loid’s wife for Operation Strix. I suspect that Fiona and her attempts to insert herself into Operation Strix will be a thread that will continue for the remaining episodes of the second cour of Spy x Family.

After this story ends, we get the ending credits before going to the next story, “FIRST FIT OF JEALOUSY.” Anya and Bond are watching a cartoon featuring animals as police officers. Anya comments that the polar bear looks like Bond, and then they see his partner, a penguin, getting shot. Anya is so rattled by seeing this that she wants to sleep with the giant penguin plush that Loid got for her back in Episode 12. Bond becomes jealous, and attacks the penguin overnight. Anya is mortified when she wakes up the next morning and finds that her penguin has been damaged. When Loid correctly guesses that Bond was responsible, Anya becomes angry and tells Bond that she hates him.

Yor tries repairing the penguin, but she only makes things worse. As Anya exclaims, “He’s even more deader!” Loid then takes on the task of repairing the penguin, and we see Bond getting into a lower cabinet and nosing around. I guessed what he was doing, and it turned out I was right… he was looking for a peace offering. Anya sees the repair job that Loid did on the penguin, and Anya comments he looks “Frankensteiny.” Loid refers to the stitches as medals of honor that the penguin earned while on a mission. After a moment, Anya accepts this explanation from Loid. We then see Bond present his peace offering, and Anya and Bond make up. I really liked Loid’s line after Anya and Bond make up, and I thought it was a good note to end on.

With this story, we see that Bond, who’s usually a good boy, can become jealous and act up. While I was a little disappointed in Bond for attacking the penguin but, at the same time, I understood that this jealousy was realistic. The audience can tell that he really loves Anya and has developed a special bond with her (this pun was unintended).

The preview for the next episode shows that it’s going to only have one story. However, from the footage we see in the preview, it looks like this story could be… odd. I’m hoping that the preview is only focusing on the odder aspects of the episode, and that there will be other material to balance the tone out.

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