The episode opens with a client coming to talk to Kogoro about a situation going on with her. She claims someone is breaking into her apartment every Thursday and leaving her what appear to be gifts from a secret admirer. Since there’s no sign of a forced entry, both Kogoro and Conan believe that whoever is doing this is using a spare key.

When the client takes Kogoro and Conan to her apartment, they find a large suitcase with a bow tied to it. When Kogoro opens the suitcase, he finds the body of the client’s supervisor from work inside of it. At this point, Inspector Megure, Takagi, and Chiba are brought into the case. During the investigation, they find a listening device in the client’s room and assume this is how whoever has been entering her apartment has found out about what she likes and the fact that she hated her supervisor.

It comes out after this that the client had lost her key at one point, and found it hanging on the bulletin board at the apartment complex. It’s assumed that whoever found it made a copy before returning them. After learning about someone the client knows at the apartment complex and another resident confirming that this was the person who returned the key to the bulletin board, suspicion begins to be placed on him. Even though he has an alibi, one of his possessions was found at the scene of the supervisor’s murder. We see that there’s something bothering Conan about this investigation, and after he gets the information he needs, he realizes what’s been bugging him.

As usual, Conan uses the voice changing bowtie to call Megure and the police to a location, with the intent of using the dart and bowtie trick to reveal the truth. Unfortunately, when everyone gathers and Conan shoots the dart, a baseball hits the dart out of the way, causing it to fall to the ground. At this point, it seems like Conan’s strategy is screwed, but he realizes he just has to work harder than usual to lead Kogoro in the right direction in order to solve the case and expose the true culprit.

I have to say, I actually liked the twist of the dart not hitting any target. Realistically, this should likely be happening more often, but from what episodes I’ve seen of the series, this is the first time I’ve seen it happen. It could have happened in the roughly 600 episodes I haven’t seen between what FUNimation Entertainment had the rights to and the episode that Crunchyroll started with when they began simulcasting Case Closed, but I’m not aware of it.

Even though this was a single episode murder mystery, it was one of the more interesting ones that I’ve seen in a while. Admittedly, the audience doesn’t get to know the murder victim in the case, but for the way the story is written, that really wasn’t necessary. The twist of having Conan’s dart not hit a target this time also helped to make this a little more interesting, since the dart and bowtie trick is such a staple of this series. Seeing Conan have to work a little harder than usual was a little refreshing.

The next episode is another single episode story that’s an anime original. From the title, it appears it’s either a murder mystery or an attempted murder mystery, but the preview didn’t provide enough context to truly know for sure. Hopefully it’ll be an interesting anime exclusive story.

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