The staff for Record of Ragnarok II, the second season of the Record of Ragnarok anime, has announced that the season will be a 15-episode length in two parts. It was also revealed that the season is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on January 26, 2023.

The story of Record of Ragnarok is described as:

Seven million Years of Human Civilization is coming to an end…

Every 1,000 years, all the Gods of the world gather in heaven to attend the “Conference of Mankind Survival.”
All the Gods agree to bring an ultimate end to mankind due to their past foolish acts but before the final verdict is made, Brunhild, the eldest of the 13 Valkyrie sisters makes an objection.

“To spice things up, why don’t you test humans?”

Her proposal was to have God vs Humanity’s final struggle also known as the “Ragnarok,” where all the Gods from the world and champions from the entire human history enters one on one battle. The first team to win seven battles out of 13 will be the winner.

It seems almost impossible for the humans to win against the Gods.
Although Gods sneer at them, Brunhild makes further provocation;

“Are you chickening out?”

That touches the Gods’ nerves and they accept her proposal in anger.

Therefore, Brunhild and her sisters must choose 13 of the strongest champions throughout human history.

Will humans surpass Gods and make a stop to the ultimate end?

The eschatological battles between heaven and earth finally begin.

The first season of Record of Ragnarok premiered on Netflix exclusively worldwide in June 2021.

Source: ANN