The episode opens with Yuri talking with investigators about his mother’s remains. He also visits his mother’s caretaker, who is recovering in the hospital, and assures her that it’s not her fault that his mother was killed. As Yuri leaves and goes into the elevator, he sees his father again, this time in a mirror in the elevator. After getting angry with what this vision says, Yuri punches the mirror in disgust.

Meanwhile, the police give Kotetsu and Barnaby a strict warning about trying to be rogue heroes. Before the police leave, the two heroes hear over the police scanner that the two suspects have abandoned the vehicle and caused several injuries in the process, which is followed by a request for backup.

After the officer leaves, Kotetsu and Barnaby decide to go out on their own to pursue the suspects. They deduce that the suspects will be heading away from downtown, and sure enough, that’s what they’re doing. Lunatic makes a return here, and he finds the suspects first. He burns one of them to death before Kotetsu and Barnaby show up. Kotetsu steps in the way and tries to save the suspect, but is injured by Lunatic’s weapon in the process. Barnaby activates his power in order to take on Lunatic, but this aggravates the injury to his leg. This distracts Kotetsu, giving Lunatic an opening to kill the other suspect. Lunatic flees as the police arrive, and Kotetsu and Barnaby are taken to the hospital.

We see the woman from Ouroboros talking to someone on the phone, and learn that thanks to what Kotetsu and Barnaby did, the heroes now have to sign a contract prohibiting them for acting on their own before being sent off to their “evacuation centers,” and that they’re going to be closely monitored by their sponsors until then. And if they violate this contract, they can no longer be superheroes.

With Apollon Media having to deal with the fallout from Kotetsu and Barnaby’s actions, Yuri comes to the two of them to get them to sign their contracts. Kotetsu is frustrated by the situation, but Barnaby urges him to sign. Kotetsu signs the contract, although he does it reluctantly. During this scene, as Yuri talks with Kotetsu and learns that Kotetsu idolizes his father, Yuri reveals the truth about being Mr. Legend’s son and what happened as his father lost his power. Yuri gives Kotetsu things to think about, but Kotetsu believes that if Mr. Legend had had a friend like Barnaby to beat some sense into him, perhaps Yuri and his mother wouldn’t have gone through the things they did. Yuri isn’t pleased to hear this, of course, so he quickly excuses himself so as to not show his anger to Kotetsu and Barnaby.

When Yuri returns home, we can see he’s losing it mentally. He once again sees a vision of his father, and Yuri lashes out verbally at it, saying that what Kotetsu told him doesn’t wipe out what Mr. Legend did in the past. Yuri is surprised when the vision of his father acts differently toward him, apologizing for what he did and encouraging Yuri to pursue his own sense of justice. Yuri just loses it after the vision of his father disappears, and it’s clear that he’s now confused and doesn’t know how to go on.

The action of this episode was focused on in the early part of it. After Lunatic flees the scene, it’s a lot more focused on people talking and actions to propel the story forward. But these scenes are all important, because they establish the corner the heroes have been backed into, as well as Yuri revealing the truth about his father and his life to Kotetsu and Barnaby.

With how the episode ends, though, it begs the question of what Yuri is going to decide to do in order to move forward. Will he continue to take on the Lunatic role and become a rogue hero, since our main characters are now backed into a corner? If so, would his motivation be out of revenge still, or will he decide to follow a different sense of justice? With only five more episodes to go, I’m very curious to see how this story will be brought to its conclusion. With the title of this episode being, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn,” could this be hinting that we’ve made it through the worst of this story in this cour?

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