In “INVESTIGATE THE GENERAL HOSPITAL,” Anya’s class is given an assignment to study a career by interviewing someone and accompanying them at their worksite, and then present a report to the class. When Anya goes home and tells Yor, we get an amusing scene of Yor trying to decide which career to share with Anya… complete with Yor imagining having Anya accompany her on an assassination. After this, Yor tells Anya it’d be better to do this assignment with Loid.

Loid agrees to do the assignment with Anya, and he takes her with him to the hospital. He talks about his psychiatrist job out loud, but Anya keeps hearing his thoughts, so she’s taking notes on those as well as what he says out loud. We also get to see Anya talking with the other staff, and it was cute how they were doting on her. Loid takes Anya to the room he works in, and she starts trying to investigate. Loid tells her not to touch anything, and in his mind, he mentions there’s a lever hidden behind the bookcase to a secret passageway. When Loid hears a knock on the door, he suspects it’s a WISE agent. He hands Anya a sandbox and some dolls and tells her to play with that while he’s gone. Of course, once Loid is out the door, Anya goes looking for the lever and finds it. We get an amusing scene while Anya is in the secret passageway, and by the end of it, I was laughing quite a bit.

While Anya is doing that, Loid is indeed meeting with a WISE agent… the woman we’ve seen in the opening credits but hadn’t seen show up in this cour until now. We don’t get her name in this episode, but from the preview for the next episode, it looks like she’s going to be a major character in it. And I have feeling that by the end of the next episode, we’ll get to learn her name.

The story ends with Anya giving her report, and let’s just say that it’s… quite amusing.

The first story took up most of the episode, so “DECIPHER THE PERPLEXING CODE” is much shorter. Anya is watching Spy Wars and sees Bondman cracking a secret code. She gets the idea to create one of her own, but her handwriting is so messy that no one can read it. Anya asks Yor to write it out for her as she describes it, and then starts handing out copies to other people. During the story, we see her slip a copy to one of the neighbors in the apartment complex, one to Franky, one to Becky, and one to Damian. Nobody takes it seriously… except for Franky, because he sees a woman’s handwriting and smells soap, so he gets the wrong idea. Poor Franky.

Overall, I really enjoyed “INVESTIGATE THE GENERAL HOSPITAL / DECIPHER THE PERPLEXING CODE,” although I thought “INVESTIGATE THE GENERAL HOSPITAL” was the stronger of the two stories. It looks like next week’s episode will also consist of two stories, and it looks like the female WISE agent will finally be playing an important role in this cour. I’m very interested in seeing what new dimensions and plot possibilities that this character can bring to Spy x Family.

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