GKIDS announced at its Anime NYC 2022 panel that it has licensed Production I.G’s Giovanni’s Island anime film for North America. The company will release the film “on home entertainment platforms” in 2022.

The film is described as:

Brothers Junpei and Kanta live in Shikotan, a tiny fishing island that has been spared from the devastations of World War II. The two children are named after Giovanni and Campanella from their late mother’s favorite book, Night on the Galactic Railroad, which becomes a source of solace in the aftermath of Japan’s defeat.

When Soviet forces arrive with their families to settle in the island, Junpei meets Tanya, the daughter of the commander. Despite their language barrier and growing tension, the children soon form an unlikely friendship.

Giovanni’s Island opened in Japanese theaters in February 2014. The movie won the Jury Distinction prize at Annecy in 2014, and also won Best Animated Film at the 69th annual Mainichi Film Awards in 2015. Other awards include the Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation at the Fantasia Film Festival in 2014, the Excellence Prize at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2014, and the Excellence Prize at the 38th Japan Academy Prize in 2015.

Source: ANN