EigoMANGA has announced that the company has published an original manga with creator Takahiro Yonemura. Beast Code was originally a Japanese light novel series written by Yonemura, and the manga is illustrated by Megumi Akita and translated by Atsuo Kusada.

Beast Code tells the story of Raiki, a high school student who transforms into a dragon because he was born with the Beast Code DNA that laid dormant within him and generations of other people for centuries. He and his girlfriend Tomoko, will do all they can to come to terms with this rebirth as they clash with others who also possess the Beast Code DNA but plan to use their powers for wrongdoing.

Takahiro Yonemura was born in Yokohama, Japan and lives in Osaka. He is the prolific author of another Japanese light novel The Metallic Dragon and I. Yonemura graduated from Kinki University in Osaka and holds a PhD in Engineering. He is a part-time lecturer at a science and technology university in Japan.

More information on Beast Code can be found on its Comic Distro page: https://www.comicdistro.com/beast-code-1w6

Publication Information

ISBN-10: 0578390604
ISBN-13: 9780578390604
Publisher: EigoMANGA
Language: English
Publication date: November 14, 2022
Pages: 172
Product Dimensions: 6.00 inches(w) x 9.00 inches(h) x 8.00 ounces