At the beginning of the episode, Kotetsu and Barnaby go to see Mattia to try to discover whether or not he’s the one who alerted Gregory to the superheroes’ arrival. As they approach Mattia’s place, they see a plume of smoke rising into the sky, and they find Mattia lying on the ground and his place on fire. It turns out he ingested a lot of sleeping pills, and Kotetsu and Barnaby found him at the right time that his life was able to be saved.

After Mattia regains consciousness, they come to the realization that there is someone with a NEXT power to control other people’s bodies. While they have no idea who it is, the audience learns that the NEXT in question is the woman from Ouroboros who has been working with Gregory. She used her power in the hopes of throwing the superheroes off their trail and silencing Mattia permanently. But when she learns that Mattia survived, she and Gregory have quite the argument. The woman from Ouroboros is pissed at Gregory for making the mistake that caused her to use her power in the first place, but Gregory keeps lording over her that if something happens to him, the NEXT that he has turned into “X”s will no longer be under his control and will destroy Ouroboros’ plans.

Throughout this cour, we’ve been seeing references to a woman called Little Lola, who looks like a fortuneteller. It turns out that she’s a NEXT who has used her powers for good, including helping to create the environment where NEXT and non-NEXT were co-existing. Her predictions and power have brought a lot of good to the world, and it’s announced that she’ll be using her power to determine the true cause of the “X”s. Gregory is concerned that she’ll unveil the truth, but the superheroes are hopeful that she’ll be able to solve this mystery and bring harmony and order back to Stern Bild. I’d been seeing the references to Little Lola prior to this episode, and figured she would have to play a role in the story at some point. It’s nice to see her finally being established into the storyline, and it’s going to be interesting to see what she adds to the story.

A couple of criminals are taking advantage of the chaos and rob three homes… with one of those homes belonging to Yuri’s mother. As Kotetsu and Barnaby are out trying to find Gregory, they see a news report on the two criminals… who just happen to drive by right after they see the broadcast. Kotetsu and Barnaby decide to act as rogue heroes in order to apprehend the criminals. But the police get pissed off about these former superheroes interfering after they see a news report, and they send the police out to force Kotetsu and Barnaby to stop. But the one thing here that really made no sense to me was that when the police arrive and order the former heroes to pull over, NONE of the police are moving forward to try to chase and apprehend the actual criminals. The police are already angry about looking ineffective to the public, and this certainly isn’t going to help. I think they forgot that television cameras are following them, and they’re more concerned about stopping Kotetsu and Barnaby than anything else. If they think this going to help their image, they’re quite mistaken.

There’s a post-credits scene, where Yuri learns both his mother and her caregiver were shot during the robbery at his mother’s home. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the worst outcome for his mother. Since Lunatic appears in the opening credits, I’m guessing that this event is going to trigger the return of Lunatic to the series. And the return of Lunatic will certainly add another layer to this cour of Tiger & Bunny 2.

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