The episode opens with “A REVENGE PLOT AGAINST DESMOND,” where a student in Anya’s class overhears his father talking about issues their company is having that are associated with the Desmond group. It turns out this student is George Glooman, and we learn through dialogue that he was the one who had his father hire Daybreak, the bumbling spy that appeared in the story “DAYBREAK” in last week’s episode. I was pleased to see that there was a connection with last week’s episode, and that Daybreak wasn’t just thrown in there and wasn’t important to the overarching story.

Since the plan with Daybreak failed, George tries to get Damian into trouble so he’ll be expelled from Eden. However, Anya’s telepathic abilities allow her to hear George’s mind, and she steps in to save Damian. Of course, Anya is doing it because she knows that if Damian is expelled, Loid’s mission will end in failure. After George shares his sob story about his family going bankrupt and how he’ll have to leave Eden, he uses Damian and his two friends to get things he wants. From their expressions, it seems that Anya and Becky have figured out what George is up to. Unfortunately, I saw that the subtitler decided to have Anya use a swear word again in reference to Damian’s two lackeys. I didn’t think this truly added anything, and to be honest, in the context that it’s being used here, it would have made more sense to use “idiots” or “morons.” “Shitheads” just felt forced.

But an incident happens where George realizes that his classmates are genuinely concerned about him, and they end up becoming closer and there’s a sad farewell. However, with this being Spy x Family, you knew there had to be a twist to this story. And sure enough, the series delivered on that twist.

In the second story, “MAMA BECOMES THE WIND,” Anya is running late because she almost overslept. During a conversation at breakfast, Loid emphasizes that if Anya is late and forgets things too much, she’ll earn enough Tonitrus Bolts to be expelled. Yor overhears this conversation, and when she discovers Anya’s gym clothes are still in her room, she panics and her overactive imagination kicks in. I thought what she saw in her imagination was really funny.

The episode then sees Yor trying to get to Eden in order to deliver Anya her gym clothes, and we get some great scenes of her. One of my favorite bits is her catching a falling flowerpot with her foot and kicking it straight back up to the ledge that it fell from. Once again, there’s a twist at the end, but this was a twist that I was expecting pretty early on in this story. But this story also gives Yor and Loid a couple of great interaction scenes, which helped to make up for the easy to guess twist.

While Spy x Family may be continuing with two shorter stories per episode, the more recent ones feel like they’re canon stories from the manga. This was especially true for the two stories last week, as well as “A REVENGE PLOT AGAINST DESMOND” from this week’s episode. Next week’s preview shows it’s going to be another one with two shorter stories, but it appears that one of next week’s stories will finally be introducing a character that we’ve seen hints of in both the opening and ending credits of this cour of Spy x Family. That guarantees that at least one of the stories in next week’s episode is going to be canon from the manga. I’m looking forward to seeing what Spy x Family has to offer next week.

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