In celebration of Dragon Ball Z, one of the most iconic anime series of all time, G FUEL — The Official Energy Drink of Esports® — together with legendary studio Toei Animation Inc. and its U.S. agent Crunchyroll have announced that its brand-new flavor, G FUEL Kamehameha, is available for pre-order as a Collector’s Box and tub at

Training your Ki and boosting your overall strength to face the battles from unknown worlds is incredibly tiring. If you’re going to push yourself to your limits and beyond, you are going to need a brand-new way to help increase your power levels. Introducing G FUEL Kamehameha –named after Goku’s famous energy attack in Dragon Ball Z. Channel your inner Saiyan and harness your energy with this tangy, sweet, candied taste of Strawberry Lychee. Plus, every G FUEL Kamehameha Collector’s Box comes with a 40-serving tub and an exclusive Shenron Dragon Ball Z Shaker Cup. What will you wish for?

“We are pleased to partner with G FUEL on this Dragon Ball Z collaboration,” said Masayuki Endo, President and CEO of Toei Animation Inc. “Dragon Ball Z is known for its power-packed action and G FUEL energy drinks embody this spirit. I think this new Dragon Ball Z collection will be very popular with fans.”

G FUEL Kamehameha powdered Energy Formula is sugar free and loaded with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving has only 15 calories and contains 140 mg of caffeine.

“Without having to travel the globe to collect seven Dragon Balls, my wish came true in getting to collaborate with an amazing franchise like Dragon Ball Z,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan. “”ur fans are going to love boosting their power levels with this unique Strawberry Lychee combination, along with two classic flavors that are getting exciting new looks as part of G FUEL’s Dragon Ball Z collection.”

That’s right, Kamehameha isn’t the only wish granted. G FUEL is also releasing two popular flavors remastered in special Dragon Ball Z skins as part of this collaboration. Sorbet and Sweet Cantaloupe-flavored G FUEL Saiyan Pride – with Vegeta standing proudly on the tub – and Arctic Citrus G FUEL Hidden Power, which brings Piccolo and Gohan into the fight. Be on the lookout for more iconic Dragon Ball Z Heroes and Villains coming to the G FUEL lineup as this saga unfolds.

Don’t miss out on picking up G FUEL Kamehameha, Saiyan Pride, and Hidden Power, available for pre-order now at Available in the United States and Canada only.