This episode features two stories, but they go together and fit in with the overarching story.

Anya’s midterm exams are coming up at Eden College, and she’s still not getting good grades on her tests and quizzes. She thinks she can cheat her way through the exams by reading Damian’s mind, since he gets really good grades. However, we learn something very important about Anya’s telepathic ability in this episode, which is that it doesn’t work during the new moon. The next new moon is two weeks away, which is the same time as the exams. I was glad to see that Anya’s ability isn’t as all-powerful as it had seemed to be up to this point.

There are high stakes for these midterm exams, though. The highest ranking students will earn Stellas, and the students who fail earn Tonitrus Bolts. If a student earns eight of the Tonitrus Bolts, they are expelled from Eden College. Since Loid can’t afford for Anya to fail and earn enough bolts to be expelled before he completes his mission, he insists that Anya focus on her studies. Yor mentions that Yuri has offered to be a tutor for her, and Loid takes her up on the offer. Of course, Yuri is only willing to do it because Yor asked him to.

Throughout “UNCLE THE PRIVATE TUTOR,” we see how conflicted Yuri is about this whole thing. On the one hand, he dislikes Anya because she’s Loid’s child, but on the other hand, he can’t refuse when his sister asks him to do something. When Anya reads Yuri’s mind, she picks up on this and starts talking about how she wants to do better in order to help Yor. The results of Anya’s manipulation are quite hilarious. I’d been wanting to see Anya and Yuri interacting with each other, and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw here.

In the end, though, Yuri gets frustrated and leaves. However, when he realizes that Yor had just finished making snacks, he walks right back in and devours all the snacks (as well vomiting them back up as he leaves again). I’m starting to think Yuri eating Yor’s cooking is going to become a running gag in the series. In his haste, though, Yuri left crumbs on the floor, and Bond decides to eat them. Poor Bond has now become another victim of Yor’s cooking.

“DAYBREAK” sees Loid taking on a mission to try to get into the school’s vault (where they store the exams) in order to change enough answers on Anya’s tests to make sure she doesn’t fail. As he’s trying to accomplish his mission, he sees an amateur spy trying to do the same thing. This amateur, who is going by the name Daybreak (since in his mind he sees himself as Twilight’s rival), is just so conspicuous. It’s through a lot of dumb luck, as well as a little help from Loid, that he isn’t actually caught. The only reason Loid is subtly trying to help him is to make sure Daybreak doesn’t ruin Loid’s chances for accomplishing his own mission. I’m not going to say too much more in order to avoid providing spoilers, so all I will say is that I liked the twist at the end in regards to Anya’s scores because I felt it was realistic.

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