Ascendent Animation has announced the full cast and crew for the Show Time! anime.

The English cast includes:

  • Elsie Lovelock is Minami
  • Jordan Woollen is Shoji
  • Su Ling Chan is Kana
  • P.M. Seymour is Kazuhiro
  • Ashley Woods is Pao
  • Lisle Wilkerson is Grandma
  • Bonnie Gordon is Stage Announcer
  • Michaela Laws is Amusement Park Announcer
  • Rochelle Chiang is Head Waitress
  • Rina Adachi is Production Assistant
  • Steve Warky Nunez is Gossiping Man 1
  • Ruben O’Neill is Gossiping Man 2
  • Reece Bridger is Cashier

Additional voices:

  • Steven Aries
  • Carlette Odemwingie
  • Damien Snapp
  • Clarice Ljóma
  • Zack Maher
  • Shane Tay
  • Sean Tay
  • Reggie Lussier
  • Chasity Conner
  • Ruben O’Neill
  • Venus Carey
  • Danielle McRae
  • Reece Bridger
  • Bonnie Gordon

The crew includes:

  • Executive Producer: K. Cornell Kellum
  • ADR Director: P.M. Seymour
  • Translation: Kevin Frane
  • ADR Engineering: Steve Warky Nunez
  • Timing: Jonathon Hinga
  • ADR Mixing: Steve Warky Nunez
  • Localization Supervisor: Kevin Frane
  • Quality Assurance: Paul Davey, Danny Miller, Brian Rollins, Sean Tay, and Shane Tay
  • Talent Sourcing: No Studio In Particular
  • Office Manager: Katrina Caffeine

Show Time! is described as:

After the passing of Shoji’s wife, “The Sing Along! Show” became a crux of healing for him and his young daughter Kana. After a chance meeting with the show’s beautiful singing starlet, Minami, Shoji tries to start up a relationship—but is this single father ready to handle the realities of dating a TV personality? And can Minami ever find love working in an industry that requires her to keep up a pure and innocent appearance?

Genre: Adult, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 8
Theme Song: “Cafe Latte Koi Gokoro” Sung by the Japanese voice actor for Minami Takasaki, Rikka Kitami.
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