There are total of three stories included in this episode, but “Carry Out the Griffin Plan” is the longest of the three, and “Omelet Rice” is a short post-credits section.

In “Carry Out the Griffin Plan,” Anya is determined to become friends with Damian and get invited to his house. Now that Bond has joined the family, Anya has convinced Loid to have a new family photo taken to include the dog. One day at school, Anya tries to “casually” drop the picture and get Damian’s attention, but he ignores her because he’s too busy talking to his two friends. Becky Blackbell, who is walking with Anya picks up the picture and falls in love with Loid at first sight. Previous to this, we see her talking about a drama series she’s watches and all the romance that’s in it… and chiding Anya for being childish because she still watches cartoons. Oh, Becky, you’re only six years old! Becky’s crush on Loid becomes important in the story, because in art class, the students are divided into groups to create paper sculptures of animals. Becky gets a great scene of making a paper sculpture of Loid, and then pointing out to Housemaster Henderson that people are animals, too. That scene made me chuckle.

But for the project, the students are broken out into groups… and Anya is assigned to be in the same group as Damian and one of his friends. Damian wants to use this art project as an opportunity to impress his father, and Anya thinks that if she helps him out that they’ll become friends and be invited to his house. Well, let’s just say that things don’t go well with these two trying to work together during the class. But I loved the twist near the end of the story when some important people come to take a look at the first graders’ sculptures.

But to me, the best part of this story was right at the end, when Damian calls home and talks to a servant named Jeeves. This scene really emphasizes just how much Damian knows his father doesn’t care as much about him as he does his older brother. It was a little heartbreaking, actually. You kind of have to feel for Damian and how feels he has to try to get his father’s attention.

“Fullmetal Lady” has a focus on Sylvia Sherwood (aka Handler), and the lengths she and Loid have to go to sometimes in order to shake off pursuers in order to meet. I loved the part when Sylvia asks Loid to give her a report on Operation Strix, and he starts talking like a doting dad. Sylvia’s reaction to this was perfect for her personality.

“Omelet Rice” shows Yor and Yuri when they were younger, and the various attempts Your made at cooking for him. I loved how all the food is drawn to look as if it’s censored. Some of Yuri’s comments are hysterical (for example, when presented with a pasta dish, he says nothing on the plate looks like pasta, yet he still eats it anyway). And yes, we see the eating and vomiting that he was seen doing in last week’s episode as he tasted Yor’s cooking. At the end of this story, we get the final punchline: that going through this growing up made his body stronger as an adult.

The preview for next week’s episode shows that Yuri is going to be enlisted to help Anya study for the midterms that were referenced in “Carry Out the Griffin Plan.” Finally, Anya is going to meet Uncle Yuri! It’ll be interesting to see how that goes. From the title, it appears the next episode is going to consist of two stories instead of one overarching one. However, I don’t know that other story is going to be about, since the images included for the preview only show Yuri and Anya (and I think Bond).

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