Ascendent Animation has announced the physical release of all nine episodes of Everything for Demon King Evelogia on Blu-Ray with dual English and Japanese language tracks, and subtitles in English and Spanish. Special features included are: Commentaries on select episodes, English Theme Song Music Video, Storyboard Animatics, and the original English Trailers.

Copies are available for purchase at Evelogia is also available for digital purchase and streaming on Amazon Prime Video:

The plot entails an aimless young man named Gozu Toshiaki. He is killed and then resurrected as an NPC in a video game world that he enjoyed playing when he was a kid. Gozu meets up with the Demon King, “Eve” (Evelogia), the game’s last boss whom Gozu has long admired. Gozu dreams of being together with Evelogia, and tries to romance him. Once together, Gozu then aims to conquer the world so that he can be together with Eve.

The Eve POV trailer for Everything for Demon King Evelogia: