Hulu began streaming the Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall anime on October 19, 2022 in Japanese with English subtitles and with an English dub in the United States. The service lists it as a “Hulu Original Series.” Disney+ is streaming the anime in other regions outside the United States, including the United Kingdom, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

The series is described as:

The year is 2062. Earth has been left in ruin after the failure of a labor automation project when the AI called Artemis waged war against humanity. A girl, Empress, awakens in a research lab. As one of the three surviving guardians, she must destroy the Orbital Elevator before Artemis can complete its construction. Failure will result in a machine army overrunning Earth. However, Artemis’ Unmanned Forces and a cult may have motives of their own.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall premiered on Japanese television on April 3, 2022.

Source: ANN