The episode opens with a brief recap of Anya and the large white dog, and ends with a disguised Loid being chased by Keith’s bomb-strapped dog. Then, we get to see what happens after Loid takes off his mask. With the ending of the previous episode, it looked like Loid was going to have to shoot the dog. Fortunately, the dog wasn’t harmed during the course of the episode. Loid manages to rip the bomb off of the dog and throw it into a nearby river. But Keith didn’t see that, and all he sees is the dog biting Loid’s arm. So Keith gets the shock of his life when he detonates the bomb and it goes off in the river. Even though Keith looks rather broken, he drives off in a panic.

Meanwhile, Yor is frantically looking for Anya. During her search, she sees Keith driving down the road… and she jumps off of the bridge she’s on and into the middle of the street. Yor surprises Keith, as well as the audience, when she gets an impressive kick in and forces the car Keith is in to crash into a nearby light pole. I know Yor’s strong, but… yikes! Yor has to call this in, and even admit that she was the housewife who had called about the terrorist in the previous episode.

As the sun’s going down, Loid, Yor, and Anya (still riding atop the large, white dog) happen to run into each other by the “pet shop” where they started at a couple of episodes back. Anya explains how the dog saved her, just as Handler and another agent (disguised as special agents), question the family about what happened. When the disguised Handler says they need to take the dog into custody, Anya protests. She knows from the dog’s vision that he’s supposed to live with the Forgers, so Anya throws quite the temper tantrum to try to keep him. Handler relents, and a short time later we see Handler giving Loid an aside, where she mentions she once a daughter around Anya’s age. Between this comment and her speech from last week’s episode, Handler seems to have an interesting story behind her character. I hope at some point we get to learn more about her, because I’d like to see what makes this character tick.

After this, a lot of the episode focuses on the large, white dog moving in with the Forgers and everyone needing to learn how to live with one another. The biggest issue is coming up with a name, and Anya still hasn’t named the dog when she returns to school at Eden Academy. We get a great scene of Anya thinking that now she has a dog, that Damian will invite her over to his house. But when Damian asks what the dog’s name is, all Anya can say is, “Dog?” Damian, of course, is unimpressed. I’d missed seeing the interactions between Anya and Damian, so I was glad to see this scene.

When the large, white dog first arrives at the Forgers’ home, he has flashbacks to when he was a test subject. It was hard to see him being tortured and treated so poorly. I’m glad that the Forgers will be able to give him a much better life than he had.

Near the end of the episode, we see the Forgers taking their new family member to a nearby dog park. Something happens at the dog park that finally gives Anya an idea for the dog’s name. She names his “Bond,” as a shortened form of “Bondman,” since she felt that the dog did something at the park to save her like Bondman does in the show she watches. Even though the main meaning of the dog’s name comes from the “Bondman” character, I also think it works on another level, since Anya and the dog already developed a bond with each other before he joined the family. And I can’t forget to mention that I was happy to see Bond get his new collar, which has a bowtie on it, because I’ve loved seeing the bowtie on him in the opening and ending credits.

This episode also gave us some great Anya faces. Even though we have seen some of her faces in this cour, Episode 15 provided a new Anya face I’d never seen before… and it was one that made me laugh out loud.

Now that Bond has officially joined the Forgers as part of their found family, I’m looking forward to seeing what direction the series will be heading into for the remaining episodes of this cour.

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