Kaiten Books has announced its upcoming releases for Fall 2022.

The company announced it has licensed The Bottom-Tier Baron’s Accidental Rise to the Top manga, and that the first volume will be coming out digital-first on November 4, 2022. Follow the misadventures of Rize Babablon as he bluffs his way into becoming a bona-fide baron.

Title: The Bottom-Tier Baron’s Accidental Rise to the Top Volume 1
Author: Manzi Mazi
Artist: Parabola
Character Design: falmaro
Digital Release: November 4, 2022

Welcome to the Barony of Babalon, where barbarians battle and blasphemous believers babble.

After the death of the Babalons, the Baron and Baroness of the Barony, young Rize Babalon inherits both the title of Baron of Babalon and the barren Barony of Babalon. But as soon as he rises to the rank and files paperwork to take over, the rank-and-file citizens of the barony rise up and try to take over instead. But to save himself, Baron Rize does what he does best. He sucks up to the citizens. Magic is the divine might that makes divine right for the nobility and aristocracy to rule. But our young baron decides to use that power for the citizens and bribe his way into a comfortable life.

Or so he thought.

His approval ratings suddenly skyrocket, and before he knows it, his people hail him as a savior. His magic may be revolutionary, but he didn’t want a revolution. He just wanted to relax on the seaside, not commit regicide. He started empty-headed and empty-handed, but now things are getting out of hand.

And thus begins the Bottom-Tier Baron’s Accidental Rise to the Top.

In addition, print editions of The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting Volume 4 will be available on December 2, 2022, with Loner Life in Another World Volume 6 joining shortly after on December 9, 2022. Pre-orders can be made through Right Stuf, Book Depository, Amazon, and more, with links to each storefront up on Kaiten Books’ website.

The company also announced that physical releases for Gacha Girls Corps and other series are in the works, and that it will provide more information when it can. There is also a reprint of The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting Volume 1 in the works, which should become available to their distributor in the coming months.

Source: Kaiten Books press release