The Devil is a Part-Timer! Volume Two continues the adventures of the Devil King, his minions, and the hero in modern-day Tokyo.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Volume Two
Written by: Satoshi Wagahara
Publisher: Kadokawa Corporation
English Publisher: Yen On
Release Date: August 25, 2015

The second volume of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! light novel series served as the basis for the second half of the anime adaptation’s first season. Two new characters are introduced in this volume, although one of them gets more focus than the other.

The first is Crestia Bell from the Reconciliation Panel (formerly the Council of Inquisitors) of Ente Isla. She has come to Japan, taken on the name Suzuno Kamazuki, and has moved in next door to Sadao and his underlings. Even though Suzuno has studied Japanese customs, it turns out she’s picked up much more from the samurai era than the current era, so her manner of speaking and how she dresses come across as a but odd. Suzuno seems to be a friendly new neighbor who’s willing to help feed and take care of her neighbors, but as it comes out later, she has other intentions. Of course, being the comedy series that this is, there are some misunderstandings (especially between Emi and Suzuno in regard to Sadao) before the truth starts coming out.

Speaking of Sadao, he is given a promotion to shift manager at MgRonalds, and is responsible for running the store while Ms. Kisaki is off for some required training from corporate. A new fast food restaurant, Sentucky Fried Chicken, will be opening during Ms. Kisaki’s absence, and Sadao is under pressure to make sure that sales numbers at the MgRonalds aren’t beaten by the new restaurant across the street while she’s gone. This leads to the introduction of the other new character, Mitsuki Sarue, who turns out to be the manager at the Sentucky Friend Chicken. But there’s more to him than meets the eye as well, and he’s responsible for the climax that includes Emi, Sadao, Chiho, and Suzuno.

Emi also gets some focus in this volume as well, especially with the arrival of a special energy drink that can refill her holy power. But it’s interesting to note that while Emi now has this ability thanks to Emeralda in Ente Isle, she doesn’t try to take down Sadao and finish her mission. We see her holding back and being confused as to why this is for quite a bit of the volume.

And Chiho also plays an important role in this volume, especially when it comes to her romantic interest in Sadao. Chiho also has misunderstandings with Suzuno, particularly about Suzuno and Sadao. Both Emi and Chiho’s misunderstandings in this volume help to fuel the humor. Urushihara also helps out in the humor department, although his role in this volume is overall noticeably less than in Volume One.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched the first season of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! anime, but from what I remember, the second half of that season seems to be a rather faithful adaptation of this volume. After the first volume of the light novel series established most of the main characters and their situation, this second volume is a perfect extension of the story. This volume does a great job of both introducing and naturally evolving Suzuno’s character. Also, in this volume, not only are two new characters introduced, the reader also gets to see a little more of what’s going on in regard to the political side in Ente Isla. The stakes for the characters have been upped in this volume. Ultimately, I thought the second volume was a strong follow-up to the first one.

I found The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Volume Two to be an enjoyable read. I also thought the quality of the art that appears in this volume is just as strong as the quality of the images in the first volume of the series. If you read the first volume of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! light novel series and enjoyed it, then you should likely also enjoy Volume Two.

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